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Can you believe it!? BigD Gaming has now been around for 10 years.
To celebrate our milestone, Sgt JoeKickass has created the new BigD Gaming Trailer to celebrate the BigD Life Style.


I need your help.

I'm looking for a few awesome designs to use as the rotating background banner for the top of the website. As you already can see, the BigD logo will float over the top so no need to embed the logo into your design.

I want to have unique, eye catching designs that make you go 'hell yeah that's sex on a stick' every time you load into the website.

We are gaming orientated, so no naked ladies please...

I'll post up the required dimensions tonight.
The Skirm10 Portal: THE PLACE for all information about the BigD 10vs10 SQUAD Competiton

This is the place to find the weekly recap news items on how the matches panned out, the latest discussion threads, match organisation and of course friendly banter. You will also find the official competition rules, the after carnage report form for the Team Captains and the Mercenary signup form.

We'd also like to see you all sharing your videos/screenshots/stories posted in the Skirm10 forums.

Get involved and make this competition the bomb.

Well guys, this is the weekly wrap up for each round in the Skrim 10 as Round 1 is coming to a close.

Kicking off the competition saw LOG Squad going up against Aux.|, in which LOG Squad came out victorious in a well fought battle on Kohat! LOG Squad won both rounds quite comfortably, but it's safe to say that both teams enjoyed the match.

Next on the fixtures was [ULD] LAA versing [N/A] HASTP playing on the Fool's Road map. I was fortunate enough to watch this match, as it was extremely close, with the winner being declared by 7 tickets! The [N/A] team started off with a strong first round beating the [ULD] team, but after some inspiring words by FilthyCrab to his team, came back to win the second round, and after the tickets were tallied, were deemed victorious. Both teams played exceptionally well, and again I am sure that both teams thoroughly enjoyed the match, I know I did!

Finally for Round 1, we saw [N/A] SNAFU going head to head with [ZSU]. Unfortunately due to some in-game circumstances the second round will have to be played again before a winner can be declared. Hopefully soon this match will be organised, which will see one of the teams being deemed victors!

I'm not sure about everyone else, but I am sure looking forward to Round 2 kicking off this weekend and seeing some more awesome matches!

Stay tuned for more updates!

[BigD] The official Unit of the BigD Gaming community are now actively recruiting!

Not only are we actively seeking members to fill multiple positions as Rifleman, Medic, Auto-Rifleman, Grenadier, and Marksman, but also great SQUAD Leaders. If you are successful in joining [BigD], not ONLY do you become part of our unique and specialsed Unit but represent the BigD community with integrity and lead by example. :cool:

[BigD] is a Unit of like-minded individuals whom strive to uphold the BigD community standards and values of camaraderie, the importance of team-work and fun! We work on bonding together to form an effective battle machine. Experience the thrill of coordinated assaults, ambushes, tactical holding and flanking maneuvers using efficient and effective communications and movements.

We appreciate players that prefer to sacrifice individual KD ratios to instead play as an integral squad member, assisting other squad members, with the kit you enjoy, as well as being able to fit seamlessly into position.

As a member of the [BigD] Unit, you are passionate about representing the BigD community in a positive manner to the highest possible fashion and help encourage the community as a whole. And whilst SQUAD is our bread and butter, we do play a range of other games as well.

IF YOU ARE A PLAYER who wants a to have an enjoyable but truly great game of SQUAD; who wants to use and follow strong, flowing tactics and solid communication to achieve total in-game immersion; and ultimately Squad up with a, unique, bunch of players who have your back at all times during the intensity of the battlefield?

"Hmmmm. That sounds like an amazing Unit to be a part of? I would love to be a cog in that finely tuned machine, but how do I go about joining?" o_O

ANZAC EVENT - Operation Birdwood

We are introducing something new and different to this event. We will be doing this event as a password event, with sign ups required.

What is Operation Birdwood?

This is the first event we will be running which will have a bit of a twist on the normal AAS mode. The Scenario is yet to be finalised but will see 2 opposing forces fighting over FOB positions, to gain intel for Hostage Extraction & or Assassination over a couple of rounds. We will be having an organised Team meeting a week prior to the event, this will allow squad leaders to form a strategic battle plan based on the game mode and intelligence given.

All Clan leaders will need to RSVP and reply with a Squad roster no greater than 16 players* ASAP, to secure their unit for this event. This will be done on a first in first served basis as there will only be 64 slots available.

Event Duration:
- We are unsure of exactly how long the event will go for, we are expecting anywhere between 2-3 hours. Please make sure you have this time available before signing up.

Clan leaders Signup here

Players Signup Here

If you do not have an affiliation to a unit, you will be put into a reserve roster. We encourage all community members who are interested in teamwork and future events to look into our community units.

Check out Units here

- Sunday April 24th, 2016

- AEST 21:00
- SA 20:30
- WA 17:00
- NZ 23:00

Map(s) & Mode(s):
- To be announced soon!

- BigDGaming #5 Squad Event Server

Player Limit:
- 64 Slot Server
- 32 Per Team
- 4 Squads of 8 Per Team

The teams will be decided by event admins and will be arranged in a manner to ensure a good team balance.

- It will be required for all participants to join us on the BigD Teamspeak server for the event.
- Address: ts3.bigdgaming.net

- Standard server rules apply.
- Fun is mandatory
- Rules against player taunting, banter etc will be somewhat relaxed

*Slots for the match are limited to 64 players. Clan leaders will have the ability to pick their teams if more than 16 players from their unit signup. No RSVP'ing for mates - first come, first served.
BigD Gaming Community is all set to start the first SQUAD Team vs Team Competition in the Australian/New Zealand region: Skirm10

Skirm 10 is limited to 10vs10players set in a round robin competition format. The top Two ranked teams at the end of the round robin stage will go on to play in the Final Match.

To join the BigD Skirm10 Competition as a team, you need to meet the following:
  • A Team roster of at least 10 players under one unifed Team Name
  • Designated Captain and Vice Captain
  • Able to commit to playing one match each week between Thursday and Sunday over a period up to 7 weeks*
  • Comply with Competition rules and BigD Gaming Server rules
  • Respect the values of the game
Team signups close midnight 03/04/2016.

Most important is the fun and enjoyment factor of this competition. There is no major prize for the winning team, the objective is to enjoy the close competitive game play that these type of scrim matches haven shown in the past to produce. Of course the winner gets bragging rights and will go into future team competitions as the reigning champion.

If you wish to submit your team into Skirm10, please reply to this thread @ BigDGaming.net: Skirm10 Team Signups | BigD Gaming Community
Squad Alpha v5
Mar 21, 2016
Alpha Version 5 Incoming!


Hi Squaddies,
Head up, a new version is inbound! Version 5.0 comes packed with a number of UI and quality of life improvements to help smooth out your experience in-game, as well as a number of balance and performance tweaks, not to mention a whole slew of additional expanded areas for maps that are currently in rotation. Read the full changelog below!
Major Changes
Map Updates

As outlined in the last monthly recap, we have a number of map updates and new areas for players to duke it out.


Updated UI Map Look and Feel

The map and respawn screen has received a huge code and art pass. Porting over parts of the heavy Blueprint code over to C++, weve achieved a major performance increase over the previous versions, as well as fixed a large number of annoying issues like not being able to switch between the spawn screen and the map. Additionally, we are doing an art pass to improve the...