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Our ARMA3 Exile server is now up to date with Exile Mod 1.0.0

Server setup:

  • Standard Exile mode
  • Altis map
  • 15K Starter fund for new players
  • Roaming AI
  • AI defended military buildings
  • Random placed Heli Crashes with rare loot
  • 4 hour server restarts
  • Vehicle Towing

I have removed CUP & CBA as Exile has included a lot of the goodies from these extra mods - removing these mods not only will help attract fresh meat to the server, but also allow easier mod installation for everyone and everyone not being kicked from the server for dodgy files will be a big advantage.

The following mods are required to join our server:
If you have suggestions/feedback on how our server is setup, post it up here.

Don't forget to get involved and jump on teamspeak, ts3.bigdgaming.net - we have multiple channels just for Exile.

It would be great for us all to encourage others to join in and hopefully we can get some good PvP action going on between factions.

Hey boys, State of Origin has been decided, with a QLD win after 2 matches. Now there is a chance for some revenge, with a possible State of Origin Event on the horizon in BigD. The only question is, who is ready to put their state on the line? Who's keen to even the tables for the NSW loss with a bit of maroon bloodshed? Or defend the title against the blue tide with a bunch of QLD mates?

Even those without a state at stake can be involved, just make sure to show your spirit here with a post, all are welcome! Keep in mind that your post shows interest and availability in the upcoming weekends for this possible event, and could be the difference between a final QLD vs NSW showdown or a missed chance to have a good State vs State crack.

Hope to see you all out there!.

This event will be multiple squad matches between the 2 states, most likely running Territory Control and Insurgency as the gamemodes.
Territory Control - Squad Wiki | http://squad.gamepedia.com/Territory_Control

3v3 BigD Gaming Rocket League Exhibition Competition

Due to the unfortunate lack of teams registering for the proposed BigD Rocket League season coupled with real life events interfering with some of the people that did sign up.

The first Rocket League Competition will be run as a direct two team exhibition match with the BigD Gaming Community team [N/A] playing against the new Rocket League community team Blitz

Both teams will battle it out over the next 4 weeks (5 weeks if both teams hold 2 wins at the end of week 4) in the following format:

  • Teams will face off each week in a best of 5 game competition;
  • All team members are required to be available;
  • All 5 games each week are to be played for stat recording purposes.
  • Each team is allowed a minimum of 1 substitution per match with the maximum amount of games a single player can play is 3 thus allowing all 5 players to be included and brings more strategy in round selections.
Each game that is played will be streamed each week to allow teams to review their game play and strategies, while also allow the larger community to support and witness what should be a great battle with [N/A] and Blitz. All matches are shaping up to be amazing battles with both teams are comprising of some really skilled players, ranging from Rising Star to All Star on the [N/A] team to the Blitz team holding one of the last seasons Grand Champions of Rocket League which is the highest rank available in competitive Rocket League.

Expect to see some great fast paced duels, high flying action and some ridiculous saves!! Banter is a given, and I am expecting a lot of banter coming about my shots and saves :p

Finally, I would like to extend my gratitude and thank team Blitz for accepting the event changes to accommodate the 2 team exhibition competition as hopefully we can generate some more...
Hi Squaddies,
June has been an extremely busy time for us, with work on Version 7 well underway and a majority of the team focusing on getting vehicles into your hands! Without any further adieu.. Here is what we worked on in June!


Vehicles Update

A lot of work has continued behind closed doors with respect to vehicles, namely sorting out the physics, handling, player interaction and gameplay systems involved. Below is a heavily Work in Progress video.

Vehicle handling is something we are paying careful attention to, and with that a sense of reality in responsiveness and drive capabilities of our vehicles. Not only physical behavior but also input responses are tweaked for each vehicle. Different tires and suspension designs have strength and weaknesses. For example, the technical is much more nimble compared to the armoured Humvee. This is going to provide some very interesting bits of asymmetry with the way these vehicles will be used, with Insurgents and Militia factions opting for hit-and-run tactics while the Americans and Russians prefer more stout but slower convoys to move around the battlefield.
Production has made significant progress since the beginning of the month, with Effects dealing mostly with what happens when a vehicle is damaged or destroyed as well as handling different damage types, Audio with general engine and drive sounds (the video above is not the final product), Animation with passenger behaviour and vehicle weapons.
Logistics has also been heavily worked on in the next version, where vehicles now play a huge role in keeping FOBs supplied and armed. In the next version, Construction and Ammo points will be regenerating at a significantly reduced rate, encouraging the use of vehicles to run logistics from main base to FOBs in the field. Central FOB Radios will also require a corresponding supply vehicle to deploy. In the first release of Logistics, the supply...

Hey guys!

Now obviously the Steam summer sale is on, and with over 13,000 games discounted it's a pretty tough choice. To make some choices easier I thought I would share the Top 15 Owned and Top 15 Recently Played games (last 7 days) according to STEAM in our community.

Now this is only an indication based on those who have linked their forum account with their STEAM account, which is somewhere just over 200 so far. So the more people who do this, the better indication we can get as to the most popular games right now.

To link your STEAM Account simply click on your profile name at the top right of the forums, go down to external accounts and find Associated Steam Account: and link it.

So if you like playing games with those in the community, these are the games you should be looking at first. There are also games like Age of Empires II, Shellshock LIVE, Golf with your friends, that are fun cheap multiplayer games that a few of us have that don't make it on to these lists.

Age of Empires II - Save 85% on Age of Empires II HD on Steam | http://store.steampowered.com/app/221380/
Shellshock LIVE - Save 35% on ShellShock Live on Steam | http://store.steampowered.com/app/326460/
Golf with your friends - Save 20% on Golf With Your Friends on Steam | http://store.steampowered.com/app/431240/

I am looking to integrate these lists into the forums so they are visible all the time, we can then plan game nights or Sunday Fun-days around the most popular or even least popular for example.

Share your lists of games you have purchased during the sale as well, in case there are some good games out there some don't know about. We can also discuss bundle deals such as 4 packs for those who want to get the same game. I haven't hit purchase on my...