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  2. SQUAD Alpha v6 Released
    All BigD SQUAD Servers are now updated to Alpha v6.1.
    Server 3 has been setup with only the new maps: Gorodok & the totally renewed Sumari (its doubled in size!)
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This Saturday, the 28th of May 2016, will see the OFFICIAL launch of the BigD Gaming Ark server hosting the map "The Center".

There has been alot of vigorous testing by community members to ensure that the correct guidelines were set up to help with a nicer transition into this behemoth of a survival game, so a massive thank you to the community in helping me with that!

Some of you out there are aware of what Ark is, some have played it, and some still play it, but there are some out there who haven't really heard much of Ark albeit anything at all. Let me help you with that.
Ark is a first person/third personsurvival game much like any other in that you have to collect resources by hand, literally at first, to create things that will allow you to progress in the game and assist in constructing your dwellings and other buildings. Now comes the fun part! ADD DINOSAURS! Yes, that's right! DINOSAURS!
The dinosaurs roam the various parts of the map, on the land, in the air or in the sea and most, if not all, creatures that live in the map are tamable, either by making the animal unconscious or feeding it by hand! Once tamed you can saddle them, gather resources with them and, ofcourse, wage war with them, not to mention that the larger animals can usually have a platform to put on them to construct buildings or a mobile attack fortress!

So if you are a new tribe member or an experienced survivor please come join us for the official launch!

Hope to see you all there!!
Release: Alpha Version 6 | http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/18510-release-alpha-version-6/

Alpha Version 6 Incoming!
The release will go live at 1700 UTC.


Hi Squaddies,
It's Update time! We would like to thank our community for being so patient with us as we continue to grind away at the beast known as Squad development. Alpha 6 is now upon us and we would like to take the time to share with you the changes you will experience since the last Alpha version.
Note: Due to a major change in the way we do Graphics Settings, all of your custom settings will reset upon first launch of Alpha 6.
Major Changes
Unreal Engine 4.11 Update

We've updated to Unreal Engine 4.11, pulling in a good number of engine features and performance updates. Take a look at the massive changelog for the engine to get an idea of the scope of all things that changed: HERE.


New Deployable: Emplaced Heavy Machine Gun
The first iteration of Vehicles are here! The Emplaced Browning M2 .50 caliber rifle is a beast of a heavy machine gun, capable of tearing apart even the most determined of infantry attackers. Placeable as a FOB deployable by Squad Leaders, the Browning M2 is your new best friend when locking down an open field on Chora, or creating a kill-zone on a Sumari road. Its effective range for target suppression is well over a kilometer and can easily stop a soldier with just one shot. But due to its limited traverse...
Hey guys it's that time again.

Kicking off Round 5 we had the first of two inter-clan matches seeing [ULD] LAA going up against [ULD] FAG on Logar Skirmish with both [ULD] teams playing a solid game of trying to outmaneuver the other team to break the strong stalemate that was happening between North and South central. There were quite a few tense moments as each sides fire teams broke through some strong defenses! Game 1 saw the game going to [ULD] FAG by 88 tickets causing both teams to play a bit more aggressive in their styles with barricades being built and the such in Game 2 by the [ULD] LAA guys. From this, Match 2 developed into a war of attrition and wits for both teams, but unfortunately for [ULD] LAA, the [ULD] FAG guys came out on top by 105 tickets.
As a side note for this game, I was joined Spono (Senior Community Admin) and FilthyCrab ([ULD] clan leader) as commentators and Filthy provided alot of insight and feedback about his clan's performance, strategies and ideas throughout the game. It was a pleasure to have you join us Filthy!

The next inter-clan match in this round saw the two [N/A] teams, [N/A] HASTP vs [N/A] SNAFU, playing on *gasp* a different map than Logar!!!!! This match was played on Sumari Skirmish. Now let me tell you some background about this match.. There was ALOT riding on this game, not only for bragging rights within the clan, but the two team captains, Madhouse and AussieSASRSniper had a long standing bet that whomever won this match would be treated to a meal at their local ribs joint, so as you can imagine both team captains were pushing their teams hard. The first game between the two teams saw some really intense and heavy fighting in this close quarters map, some interesting maneuvers and flanking going on, but all in all, an amazing match to watch!
The first game of the [N/A] match went to [N/A] SNAFU by 45 tickets, much to the delight of Madhouse and dismay of AussieSASRSniper! This prompted a step up...
Hey All

If you have been hesitant about buying Ark due to its cost, Steam has it on sale now for $20 until the 25th of May. If this is now within your budget grab a copy and join us on the BigD server. For some added fun jump on TS to hear the full immersive screams as we get rolled by T-Rex's and other assorted beasties. We've got a diverse crew on daily and would love to see you there.
Hey guys, it's that time again! (OMG Darkbot has posted up on time this time)

So this week we only saw two matches being played, with LOG having a bye this week and some R+R!

The first game this week saw the Logar map being dusted off again with [ZSU] matching up against the fearsome [ULD] LAA team in what can only be described as an extremely well fought and tightly played matches. [ZSU] came through victorious on the first round after a long fight between the two teams, managing to outlast the [ULD] team by over 40 tickets! For the second round [ULD] LAA came back strong and pushed hard to the third flag on the map to stave off the [ZSU] advance and keeping them at bay. Well fought both teams! I only wish I had been there to watch it!!

The second game of the round saw Logar being played on again (this map seems quite popular), this time with [N/A] HASTP playing [ULD] FAG. Now this match I did get the privilege of watching this one and geeze it was a hard fought match! The first round went through pretty quickly with [ULD] storming the [N/A] team and putting alot of pressure on the North Central point and some nice stealth tactics. The second round though reminded me alot of a turtle. Super FOBS being built and heavy defense seemed to be the go for both sides! [N/A] built up North Central very early with lots of hesco walls and ammo crates all around the point causing the [ULD] guys to spend alot of tickets with constant grenade and RPG fire! It was brutal. That being said though, the FOB on North Central was almost taken down by [ULD] if it hadn't been for one of the [N/A] guys guarding the FOG ready to gun down the three [ULD] members who were on the FOB. With tickets running low on both sides [N/A] crawled out from under their turtle shell a bit and attempted a high risk move to cap South Central, which paid off in the end! Unfortunately for the [N/A] team, [ULD] came out on top on ticket count!

To all teams in this round, amazing game play! I...