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Russia Vs. Irregular Militia


Commanders to pick their SL's from SL list prior to event start - (PLEASE NOTE: If you say yes to being a Commander or SL, you must make yourself available for planning team strategy with your commander no later than 2 hours prior to the event)

- Sunday October 23rd, 2016

Time: (Please confirm your local time. remembering Daylight savings is in effect)

7pm AEDT
Event Time Announcer - GHOSTS OF GORODOK

Map(s) & Mode(s):
- Gorodok AAS V2

Zoning & FOB rule

- SQUAD Tactics | http://gametactic.org/squad2?room=ankLV8cqOMR43R
Each team is allowed a maximum of 3 FOBs.
Once a FOB is placed it may not be removed until eliminated by the opposing team.


Kit Rule

- A maximum of 2 optic kits per team, including marksman will be used for this event.

Russian Ground Forces...

BigD Gaming proudly presents YOLO, our very own take on single life missions in Squad. This will be our maiden voyage so come along and see whats its all about.

Friday the 21st October, 8:00PM AEDT

Background: Afghani Taliban have been crossing the border and attacking local Pakistani villages. In an attempt to reassure the local populous and to create a staging area for future operations, the US army has decided to make a FOB overlooking the village of Jouzara.


US Briefing: Your platoon has been tasked with setting up a FOB, call-sign Norris at the compound in H8K6. Once the FOB is constructed, an attachment of troops are to defend the FOB until reinforcements and supplies are delivered.

Assets Available

  • 1 M110 DMR per squad
  • 2 Medical kits per squad
  • 1 M72A7 LAW per squad
  • 2 HMMV
  • 1 Logistics Truck
  • 2 SAW per squad...