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It has been 14 months since our first public announcement. The effort of 25+ developers, untold gallons of coffee, making thousands of new friends, and putting in tens of thousands of hours of gameplay testing, and were about to make our momentous launch on Steam, this December 15th, 2015.

The time has come, the Founders have laid claim to their titles, have rolled with us through thick and thin, and now we march out together to bring this to the world.
As of Midnight PST November 30th...

If it is true, I can not wait!

UPDATE: We have a reply from a DEV
Hi all,

This post is to just address and explain some of the events that have occurred over the past few months at BigD, and our future plan. So let’s get started:

I don’t like reading, gimme the executive summary!

Admins are working hard, trust me. Yes we do have standards, and yes you can complain about us. Funding our website/teamspeak/server is hard, but we are getting there. We need to find a new senior admin who can run the show, be the face of the admin team. But. most importantly, we need your help!

The admins should be doing better!

Absolutely. Not denying...
Info:The new update is out with new maps so it's time for some awesome Land, Air and Sea battles.

Please note there are no Reserved Slots.

- Saturday 7 of November 2015

Time: The event will start around 20:30 AEST but we will start seeding/playing at 19:30 AEST.

Event Start Time:
-AEST 20:30
-SA 20:00
-WA 17:30
-NZ 22:30


Assault on Grozny AAS Standard (Russia vs. Militia) Team 1 BLUFOR - Team 2 OPFOR

Operation Soul Rebel AAS Standard (British vs. Russia) Team 1 OPFOR- Team 2 BLUFOR

If we have the time and Players

Kashan Desert AAS Large (Canada vs. MEC) Team 1 BLUFOR - Team 2 OPFOR

- BigDGaming #1

- Standard server rules apply.
- Fun is mandatory
- A reminder to jump on Teamspeak:
After our victory over the Koreans, its time to take on the increasing threat from Japan and their play stations.

- Saturday November 14th, 2015

- AEST 20:30
- QLD 19:30
- SA 20:00
- WA 17:30
- NZ 22:30

- First map is: Assualt on Grozy AAS STD

- Second map is: Kolezek
Japan as BLUFOR, Australia as OPFOR

- BigDGaming #2 | Events

- Standard server rules apply.
- Fun is mandatory
- Rules against player spamming chat, banter etc will be relaxed
- If heavy assets spawn in-game, do not use unless server numbers are higher than 30 players
- A reminder to jump on Teamspeak prior to joining the BigD PR Server:

Reserved Slots:
It is vital that you reply to this thread indicating that you wish to attend this event. Those that do post that they are coming will be given priority on the night in order of who posts in this thread first.

We would like to make it clear that the order of priority for a place in this match goes on the order of who has replied to this thread.
It has been decided that if a player who has signed up but does not join BigD Teamspeak at least 10 minutes before this match is set to begin, they will forfeit their reserved spot and the next player in the order that has signed up will take over that spot.