Donation Manager Upgrade

Donation Manager Upgrade

Aug 13 Madhouse  
Donation System Upgrade Awesome to see donations for this month is off to a good start, thank you to those who have donated so far.

I have upgraded the donation manager on the website, which now gives us the automated ability to provide a reserve slot on the BigD Squad servers for a predefined period of time when a user makes a donation and as long as the user has associated their Steam account with their BigD Website account here:

To trial the new system, I have set that anyone who donates at least $10 will be granted a reserved slot for 30 days. This will also cover all those who have donated so far this month. The new system will insert your Steam ID into the Squad server files every 30 minutes.

The reserved slot will then take effect on the next map played once your Steam ID is inserted. To make a donation, head over to this link: BigD Dedicated Server Costs | BigD Gaming Community |

If you have any question or issues with the new system, please reply to this thread.

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