Squad v9.9 Released

Squad v9.9 Released

Sep 09 Madhouse  

Squad Alpha 9.9 is live! It contains the first performance fixes after the engine update in 9.8


  • – Implemented several performance improvements on player updates, movement, animation, vehicles and inventory
  • – Fixed Narva Invasion V1 Militia having Russian Logi trucks
  • – Fixed the invisible player bug – Fixed player offset after revive
  • – Fixed the “Press enter to open spawn menu” issue on the Stryker and BRDM
  • – Fixed damage effects getting reapplied on players when the damage causer reentered replication distance
  • – Fixed BTR player collision – Fixed texture mip setting on BTR and Ural
  • – Moved the lock-squad button to the left so it is useable with 16:10 screen resolutions

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