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Squad September

Discussion in 'Squad - News & Updates' started by Progress Updates Latest, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. Progress Updates Latest

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    11:08 AM
    In the past month we have added and fixed (in no particular order):

    • Squads, Fireteams (which aren't exposed currently, awaiting a more extensive UI), and Rallypoints.
    • The completed procedural crops system, along with a generation tool for it.
    • Distance sounds, starting with the M4.
    • New statics for the afghan environment.
    • Diagonal movement animations.
    • Basic inventory, the switching of weapons, and to go along with that deploy and undeploy animations for all the current in game weapons.
    • A number of newer and more polished textures for the HUD and Map.
    • New weapon animations for the M4, the AK74, and the Makarov (both normal and dry reload)).
    • Updates and improvements to crouched and standing movement animations, along with the completion of sprinting animations and the beginnings of slow movement.
    • A number of updates to various weapons textures to improve the look for Physically Based Rendering.
    • Fix to player movement and collision meshes on all our statics so stairs work now.
    • Added initial code for vehicles, and the first vehicle, a HMMWWV.
    • The first throwable animations, done for the m67 grenade.

    For the coming month we have planned:

    • Making VoIP fully functional, including having input configuration, broadcasting to specific groups / people (your squad, all squad leaders and specific squad leaders), and broadcasting positionally to nearby people.
    • Getting vehicles to a playable state and a more expansive terrain / map to test larger scale combat.
    • Making the beginnings of the roles system (Officer, Medic, Rifleman, and Automatic Rifleman), which will have simple static index based inventories at first.
    • Making the sounds, weapons and animations for the equipment we have lined up for the various weapons of kits.
    • A rudimentary medic system (almost surely very simple but still functional at first to fill its gameplay purpose), paired with varying damage amount based on hit location.
    • Substantial UI work.

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