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BigD Gaming Community

BigD Gaming Community - Australian/New Zealand - The home for Teamwork and Mature community game play. We have proudly supported the biggest Project Reality community in the Southern Hemisphere since 2006. We now support multiple games providing the same great game play and community spirit.


Week 2 Closed Pre Alpha, Angle of Attack

For Ranger, Commander and Airborne backers, Closed Pre Alpha (CPA) access is scheduled to open on Saturday the 1st of August, at
  • 6AM GMT
  • 7AM London
  • 8AM Berlin
  • 1AM New York
  • 10PM Los Angeles (Friday night)
  • 4PM Sydney

The test session will run for ~72 hours until Tuesday 4th of August, 6AM GMT.

We're angling ideas on how we attack coding and implementing various game mechanics, some of which are being tested on the fly as we're getting to variations we want to see in the wild. Should see the Devs online with you more this weekend, expect them to be better rested and on point. If we all picked up a thing or two last week, we hoping to see coherent squad based gameplay pick up a notch or two as people get more acclimated to the game.

The download will be available on Friday on the prealpha.joinsquad.com portal after you log...
Date: 7/08/15

Start Time: EST 8:00 (Late comers are welcome)

Training will be broken up for players to chose what it is they would like to learn.
Armored Vehicles - How to make use heavy assets effectively.
The event its mainly to cater to those that would like to learn about tanks.

- Standard server rules apply.
- Join us on BigD Teamspeak (IP =

Password: TBC

Lets all work together to make this a fun and productive night for the community.
RULE CHANGE: MECH INF & Infantry squads are now no longer allowed to be locked.

Discuss away.
So lets hear your ideas for weekly/bi-weekly community events and how we can make them doable.

Could be a custom map, organised skirmish, etc...

Squad Enters Closed Pre Alpha

For Commander and Airborne backers, Closed Pre Alpha (CPA) access is scheduled to open on the 24th of July, at
  • 3PM GMT
  • 4PM London
  • 5PM Berlin
  • 11AM New York
  • 8AM Los Angeles
  • 1AM Sydney

We're excited, you're excited, our significant others should be told to make plans without us next weekend, prepare your caffeine and beverages now, and have the local restaurant food delivery number on speed dial.

From the Dev Team
We want to thank everyone who has gotten us to this point, without your support and encouragement we don't know where we'd be, this is a dream come true for some devs, and an accomplishment after building up years of modding and educational background, training and work experience in the field for all. We are at heart all gamers first, even as we take on the responsibilities of bringing this Offworld Industries from a dream...
This was posted today......July 15, 2015


The word is weekends only and the devs will use the weekdays to work on fixes and so on.

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So who in the community brought into the Squad Kickstarter?
Select the level you pledged for in the poll.

This is an informal poll to pass onto the Squad devs about the number of BigD Community members that have brought in.


Server Password: bigdround2

Muttrah City Event Map Download Links:

Mirror #1 - Mega
Mirror #2 - Mediafire
Mirror #3 - Gamefront
Please vote on the poll and post your thoughts on tonight's Muttrah City Custom Map Event (Insurgency)
Date: Sunday 12/07/2015
Time: 7:30pm AEST
Map: Muttrah City Insurgency Event
(Custom map files required – see article for download links)
Rules: Standard Server Rules Apply
Password: will be provided an hour before event start via this article

Muttrah City Event Map Download Links:
Mirror #1 - Mega
Mirror #2 - Mediafire
Mirror #3 - Gamefront