Monthly Community Fund

Monthly Community Fund


  1. Monthly Operating Costs
    AU$460.00 of AU$460.00 - reached!
    This is the minimum amount required to cover our community costs each month.
  2. Stretch Goal
    AU$500.00 of AU$500.00 - reached!
    Anything over $460 is banked for a rainy day when we don't reach our minimum operating costs via donations


    used for:
    • community events
    • community promotions
    • upgrades to website software
    • RCON Software licenses
    • Website software
    • other community purposes

Overview Donations

reserve slot
That reserved spot aye
thanks for the great squad server!
Friday night lets go!
Let the good times Roll
Keep up the good work
Cheers for the servers lads been having a blast!
Happy to help keep it running. :)
Thanks for the servers
Cheers for hosting the PR server years back as well :)
More TC please
The D may be big, but it fits oh so well.


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