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Second Dedicated Server - Donation Goal Achieved!
  • 387
  • 3
Good news peoples, we have smashed the goal of $1500 to acquire a second dedicated server for...
Post Scriptum Weekend playtest - status update #3
  • 447
  • 1
Dear PS community,

As most of you already know, Periscope Games is hosting internal playtests...
HLL Update 18/05/18
  • 167
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Hot of the press from the Devs!

We are almost (once again) set to push this next update. As a...
Second Dedicated Server
  • 441
  • 4
BigD Gaming is pushing ahead in 2018 and to do so requires a second dedicated server to host...

Squad SquadChat - 3 - ft. Chuc and Fuzzhead

  • 177
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We talked for about two hours covering topics from Project Reality, game modes, motion capture...
BigD & Conan
  • 267
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Conan hit full release & BigD have launched our own server for all the aspiring BARBARIANS out...
Conan Exiles - Full Release
  • 312
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Conan Exiles has made it to full release as of 8th May. There have been many features and...
HLL Community update and Server information
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Hi everyone!

As a DEV team, when something doesn't quite go to plan it can be a little...
The Forest is full release!
  • 402
  • 3
Finally The Forest has left EA & ventures into the official v1.0 full release phase.

BigD will...
HLL Closed Alpha Week 3 Update
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Fresh off the Press from the HLL Devs:

Yes we are going live with an update! We will follow up...
Donations for April 2018
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April is done and dusted and the community has been very generous with donations this month...
New Dedicated Server
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BigD Gaming has been in consultation with our server hardware provider to help improve...

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[PC/AUS] 😁Solo Grind CHAT WITH ME! Giving Away Battlepasses @ 1K (!giveaway)😁!subsounds

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When Madhouse says he will do the raid and no one responds
@Madhouse I miss you <3 Do you miss me?
When Madhouse tells you to post more so he can react. but than he never reacts :'(
Want Cities skylines for birthday thanks. madhouse ;)
waiting for this wipe like ……… pvp day on the 15th anyone?
Just did a donation but forgot to login in so its showing as guest
What a Day in ATLAS. Hope this update they rolling out actually fixes what they say it will and doesn't break the game any further. hahah >.<
Charlie don't surf!