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    Server slotx

    Hey mate welcome. The reserved slots on our servers are for admins to join. We do have a whitelist server that you can check out here. BigD #4 Community Whitelist Server
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    BigD Squadiversary

    I'm in
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    Riders of the Storm

    Riders of the Storm Time for some ARMA III action on Altis. We will be playing the mission Patrol Ops with the mods CBA & Task Force Radio ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: - Saturday October 29th, 2016 Time: (Please confirm your...
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    BigD ARMA 3 Events

    The event is still in the planning stage as I have had a few delays with the server but there hasn't really been much interest so I'm looking at doing a smaller event then what I had planned. I am pushing for the event to be next Saturday but I'm looking at a server test night on Thursday or...
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    One-Life Test feedback thread

    The main problem I saw last night was it wasn't a clear objective. In future the objective needs to be more clear as Ting said fob on the point or defending team can only move one grid square away from the objective and so on. As for medics I think one medic per squad. And squad leaders I can...
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    BigD ARMA 3 Events

    Over the past two weeks I have be speaking to different community members trying to get a idea on peoples interest in do a ARMA 3 event. Now I want to try and get more accurate numbers of people interested in an event and to see people interest in using mods. The general idea is to have at max...
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    Happy Birthday, Madhouse.

    Happy Birthday Madhouse I waiting for someone @Madhouse to tell me when.
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    BigD Gaming Community Squad Guide

    The community guide is on hold for now until the next major Squad update.
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    It's not a "FOB", It's a "RADIO" (and other terminology we're saying wrong)

    We will never have FOB's in squad that are representations of real life. Forward Operating Base's or FOB's in "real life" are in Forward locations for Operations to be conducted from while still having the safety of a Base. In Squad FOB's are for the team to spawn in a Forward location for...
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    BigD #4 Community Whitelist Server

    My understanding is that we are still waiting for a fix to come out from the Developers
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    Insurgency: Day of Infamy mod

    I will have to download it and have a look but when I play Insurgency its all about trying to.........
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    BigD Gaming Community Squad Guide

    Today I am pleased to announce work has started on a Community Guide for Squad made by the Community for the Community. For some time now I have wanted to make a set of Guides/Tutorials for the BigD Community. With help from a few other Community Members I now have the support base to start...