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  1. Polden-XI

    BigD Hosting Insurgency Sandstorm?

    Will be getting the game, will play it on BigD if there is the option.
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    Introduce yourself

    G'day guys, I thought I might as well (re)-introduce myself. I've recently downloaded Squad and have been using it as my secondary game when I'm not competing in CS:GO. Some of you may remember me from Project Reality days. I've noticed a few familiar names which is really great to see. I'm...
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    Downloading now ladies :)
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    Arma 3 - ALiVE mod

    I'm really keen to play this, although I'm not really clued up in installing and running mods, a little bit of an explanation for a newbie like myself?
  5. Polden-XI

    Arma 3 Event Night

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been on here. I used to play BF2: PR years ago. Myself and a few buddies are keen to start taking part in some ArmA 3 community events and such. It would be good to get the ArmA 3 server pumping like the BF2:PR one once was. Anyway, looking forward...
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    I don't know if you guys remember me from BF2 PR, but my mate damien and Myself have been playing this together for about a week, are pretty geared up apart from out farmers guns. In the near future we are looking to set up a small militia type group to combat the amount of bandits just...
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    PR Movie Clips **** video but decent sound from the explosions.. Excuse the constant talking by PSYCHO_N!NJA
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    Forum Member Skirmish 6/11/2010

    +1. If I am not unbanned by this I will be very disappointed admins.
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    The Last Film You Watched:

    Whilst I think your over reacting I agree with that film choice.
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    The Last Film You Watched:

    I was following the trend in the thread of people posting snaps of films, If I were posting Nazi Propaganda I would have used a more intellectual aproach than a simple picture from the film American History X. Great movie btw. Worth a watch.
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    Your thoughts on 0.95

    Makes it hard for me because I'm actually "dyslexic with numbers" (Dyscalculia). :(
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    Your thoughts on 0.95

    Project CTD.
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    Report Server Issues here

    Swear filter dosn't work. Admins do :( I'm never playn P.R Drunk again. :( sorry
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    PR Movie Clips
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    Forum Member Skirmish 2/10/10

    +1 :)
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    PR Movie Clips

    Not sure if it goes here on not. Few weeks back I found this in the tank I was driving. No matter where I was (In or out of the tank) the turret was raised.
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    Server higher PING?

    I have been getting higher pings on occasional nights. From 60 up to 100. From Tassie. Dosn't happen on any other game.
  19. Polden-XI

    PR Movie Clips Just a small vid from the epic round late last night. Red Star Prevails!