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  1. Xavo

    Mobile Phone

    Hey all, In the market for a new phone for Telstra Prepaid duties. My 3y/o wildfire is showing signs of impending death (holding little charge, metal bezzle peeling away from the frame, chipped and cracked backing, sluggishness). Despite the above, it's actually performing quite admirably -...
  2. Xavo

    Are all VGA Cables Equal?

    Hey all, I'm running a 2nd monitor off my laptop at the moment as it's much handier to read journal articles on one, whilst perusing a dictionary/google on the other and that sort of thing. Anyway, the monitor sometimes gets a little flicker in the screen and a quite distinct shadowing of words...
  3. Xavo

    Happy Birthday Madhouse

    Happy Birthday Madhouse & ObeseOner Happy Birthday fellas, hope you have an excellent day!
  4. Xavo

    Happy Birthday Chief!

    Happy birthday fella, hope things are going swell. Drop in for some PR one of these days as well.
  5. Xavo

    Happy Birthday Fox!

    Hope it's going swell for you and that you have a great day! (Also may the fourth be with you!)
  6. Xavo

    Lest We Forget

    They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them.Lest We Forget. Thank you to all that have served, or are currently serving.
  7. Xavo

    Happy Birthday Darth!

    Happy Birthday to the Biggest D of them all! Hope you have a great day today mate :)
  8. Xavo

    Xavo has a virus (probably)

    Hey chaps, needing some help on virus removal (preferably without a reformat since I have stuff I need + no BF2 disc + I'm in the middle of assessment). Basically, whenever I do some stuff, like try and play music in media player or watch a movie on youtube/VLC the RAM shoots up to 98% or so...
  9. Xavo

    High Ping on GAU

    Hey all, there hasn't been a ping thread in quite a while, so I'm gonna start one. Having issues with both GAU PR servers. My ping should be around the 60-80 range from previous experience. Instead, it hovers up around the high 190's to early 200's and sometimes jumps up to 230s etc. Has...
  10. Xavo

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas BigD! Have a good break and a nice time with family and friends and stay safe if you're driving anywhere! Hopefully Santa brings you want you want as well :P See you all in the New Year :D
  11. Xavo

    Happy Birthday GroovyGuru

    Happy Birthday buddy! I hope it's a nice pleasant day for you, not too much work to finish before christmas and the like. Have a good one :)
  12. Xavo

    Saturday Savagery - 22/12/12

    Following on from last Sunday and earlier with Dfens' work, this weeks community night will be on Saturday the 22nd. Saturday 22nd December @ 8pm NSW Time (7pm QLD, 10pm Kiwi, 6pm WA) The maps this week will be chosen from: Silent Eagle, Assault on Mestia or Iron Ridge Insurgency. (Was...
  13. Xavo

    Sunday Night Com Night 16/12/12

    Hey all, in Dfens' absence I was gonna do the community night thing. Kinda forget till just now... Sunday 16/12/12 @ 8pm NSW Time. (7pm QLD; 8pm Vic; 10pm Kiwi etc). But anyway the three lucky maps this week are: Qwai River - 64 Ramiel - Insurgency 64 Kozelsk - 64 I think they're all fresh...
  14. Xavo

    Happy birthday to a Salty Spartan ?

    Just kidding, HB both Salty and Spartan. Couple of cold beers just in time for the weekend? I hope you have a great day/weekend anywho! Cheers!
  15. Xavo

    Happy Birthday (not so) Ancientman and Charts!

    Hope it's a cracker fellas, cheers for all your hardwork Ancient and I hope you get a good break. 22 ain't that ancient?
  16. Xavo

    Happy Birthday JLycett

    Happy Birthday Jeff, Hope all is well with you at the moment and that you have a great birthday! Must be the week for WC celebrations or something :P
  17. Xavo

    Latest GPU Drivers

    Hey all, so by now everyone should know how illiterate I am with computers... So just a quick question, it's beneficial to install the latest drivers for my GPU right? That being the case I've downloaded the latest nvidia ones for my 9300M G, it says its compatible on the website. Is there...
  18. Xavo

    Happy Birthday Sapper!

    Hey mate, hope you're having a great (hump) day. Nice and rainy here, so I hope it's cool wherever you are. Happy Birthday and have a good one! :)
  19. Xavo

    HB 3D Gimp!

    Mate, hope you're having a nice relaxed Sunday sesh somewhere today. Perfect day for it here, nice and cool and overcast. Happy Birthday bud :)
  20. Xavo

    Spider! HB

    Happy Birthday you 8-legged beast! But in all seriousness, I hope you're having a nice relaxing day somewhere. 1 more till the weekend, but that shouldn't stop you from having a drink or two ;) Have a good one mate!