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  1. YAK

    Overwatch Open beta

    Overwatch just entered open beta, It's like blizzards tf2 clone, but with a few interesting changes. Dunno how good it will be, but it's only a 6gb DL and its free. You need the client (less obtrusive than uplay/origin) Overwatch | bunch of...
  2. YAK

    Pr 1.35 Patch Notes

    PR:BF2 v1.3.5.0 Changelog - Project Reality Forums
  3. YAK

    Saaremaa Planning

    The second map will be Saaremaa, we are the US, the layer is STD Command Alpha CAS/TRANS FFG & SNAP *looking for 1 more? dedicated spotter/trans* Vahn Damn APC Nasty Ivo INF #1 AUX Submox INF #2 bD YAK?? INF #3 BE Atips INF #4 King51 INF/MORTAR #5 ANZOR Bran LOGISTIC
  4. YAK

    Op Marlin Planning

    Hello! The first map will be OP Marlin, we will be MEC. The layer is standard Sorry about the **** jpg quality COMMAND Alpha Armour bD INF #1 AUX Submox INF #2 BE Atips INF #3 INF #5 INF/MORTAR #4 Trans FFG Vahndamn
  5. YAK

    PR Aus Vs Jpn Map Vote

    Hello, these are the choices we picked for the event, they have good inf fighting and assets to boost. (if its the city layer of bijar.. :oops:) The map they chose was Op Marlin STD so i feel like we should do some CAS as we never got a chance to show off on Khamisyah. HADES Pick 2, winner...
  6. YAK

    Aus Vs Kor Debrief

    Thanks for coming guys, was a great event. Khamisyah was a very close game, i thought we were toast. Ended up being 38-0 our way, very lucky! Great work. (our jets never spawned, but neither did theirs) Fools road was awesome event, great teamwork from all the squads involved. Shame about the...
  7. YAK

    BigD and 1.3

    Any chance to bring the servers back for a month or so at 1.3 launch? There's been an influx of new Australia/Oceanic players recently (Indonesians too which is odd) This combined with the new patch effect as well as becoming standalone, i think we could get close to filling a server, at least...
  8. YAK

    The future of squad

    Stepping Down as Project Manager - Discussion - Squad Forums Looks like everything is going down hill... fast. I guess that's what happens when you add money to the equation :( At least i didn't get my hopes up! A quote from Merlin..
  9. YAK

    New build - any suggestions?

    The Shopping Cart : PC Case Gear Have i missed anything?
  10. YAK

    Project Reality: BF2 - Winter Is Coming!

    New update for PR BF2! I've been getting back into the mix, so i can't wait :D
  11. YAK

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Wondering if any of you fellas play CS:GO? Been playing it a heap with a few fellas from here. The game has really improved since launch, and the competitive 5v5 match making queue is a real blast. Adds a lot of strategy and teamwork. It's weirdly been gaining users over time...
  12. YAK

    Origin humble bundle Holyyy, this is a fantastic deal. Looks like EA is trying to gain a bit of good will, along with making people use origin. Wouldn't want to miss this..
  13. YAK

    PR 1.0 preload is here! Full release 2nd august! You can preload the 1.0 beta now!~ :DDD woooooooooooo! It's 6.03gb, and it's in ISO format. EDIT: Channgelog is up...
  14. YAK

    Wireless network packet loss

    Hey fellas, My wireless network has recently started dropping packets. It has reasonably good ping (~26 to google, doesn't spike), but drops packets at random intervals (approx every ~14 seconds) for brief periods of time where it can't ping google at all (1-2 seconds). If i ping Google...
  15. YAK

    War Thunder (PC)

    It's a free ww2 multiplayer air combat game! It's pretty good, apparently they're adding ships + army soon. Anyone else playing? add me: Yaaak Also you can get a free A26! (4000kg bomber) Until the 30th. You need to make an account here...