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  1. Xiaoxiao

    Experimenting with HMG Tripod emplacements :D

    Recently I've been having some fun with the HMG tripods and figuring out where they can be placed. This is defiantly a buggy one though. I could see this one getting patched out by the Squad devs. Unless they made it that you could stand while operating the HMG at various heights.
  2. Xiaoxiao

    The Medics Third Eye Always watching...

  3. Xiaoxiao

    Impossible Creatures RTS (STEAM SALE)

    Currently Impossible Creatures is going for $3 on steam. If your looking for a interested take on the RTS genre then look no further. Essentially the idea is you make your own units by mix and matching body parts of animals to create crazy mutant combinations. Want a Elephant with the head of a...
  4. Xiaoxiao

    Squads Physics Gone Wrong

    I was playing Squad toda on the US side the team was focused on taking a radio tower. I checked out the radio tower to see if I could get a good shot on anybody with my rocket launcher. I can't find any good shots so I decide to head around to the right flank but I stop myself as I see something...
  5. Xiaoxiao

    Milsim Laser Skirmish Adelaide

    Hey all Recently in South Australia we had our 2 day milsim laser skirmish event out at MT Crawford it was huge event and everyone who attended really enjoyed themselves. Our next event is a single day event and is on the 8th of November. 11AM-5PM Pricing: Cost + tagger hire: $40 Cost + own...