1. TPM

    ARMA Black Division Operation - Kings Temple

    Server Name: #4|Aus|Event|Black Division Server IP: Password: bigd Comms:Teamspeak using Task Force Radio Modset: Arma 3 Mod Preset SORD Black Division Situation: After we successfully extracted the IDAP worker from the clutches of the Twins, we discovered that he...
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  3. Tex

    BigD Exile Server - Glitch/Server Issue Compensation

    Hi all, As we all know Arma can be a strange beast at time which can see you glitch into a wall and die, vault into a rock and become jorah from game of thrones or land helicopters perfectly on your base but on reset be on fire and much more. Note that compensation for any items and...
  4. Tex

    BigD Exile events

    Hey fellas and ladies, As our server is slowly increasing popularity and having a more regular player base and even some new factions and group sprouting up it comes to a time that the server is in a position in my opinion to host events. Now the reasoning behind events is simple a we'll...
  5. Spono

    STEAM SALE: Not sure what games to buy?

    Hey guys! Now obviously the Steam summer sale is on, and with over 13,000 games discounted it's a pretty tough choice. To make some choices easier I thought I would share the Top 15 Owned and Top 15 Recently Played games (last 7 days) according to STEAM in our community. Now this is only an...
  6. Filthy Crab

    BigD Exile Server - Current Mods

    Current mods on server are as listed: There are no current mods on the server (Recommend using the A3Launcher A3Launcher | Easy to use launcher for ARMA 3 | to download and mount mods)
  7. Tex

    Mods - exile

    When you boys have some time I'd like you to watch frankies new video, Would be interesting to maybe in the future run a different map but for now look how pretty that advanced infantry movement and realism is. All the mods used in this server are noted in the video description @Stalkz @Madhouse
  8. Filthy Crab

    BigD Exile Server - Bug Reports

    Post bug reports/issues in here. Try and provide screenshots of the bug Here's the layout(Just put N/A if you can't answer) Bug Name- Date/Time- No. of people on server- Affects of the bug- Witnesses- Other comments- Steps to replicate: 1- 2- 3- 4- 5-