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    ARMA Black Division Operation - Kings Temple

    Server Name: #4|Aus|Event|Black Division Server IP: Password: bigd Comms:Teamspeak using Task Force Radio Modset: Arma 3 Mod Preset SORD Black Division Situation: After we successfully extracted the IDAP worker from the clutches of the Twins, we discovered that he...
  2. SORD Black Division - The Twins

    SORD Black Division - The Twins

    Black Division Archive Screamers:
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    ARMA BigD Arma SITREP #001

    BigD Arma SITREP #001 From: Senior Arma Admin Team To: BigD Gaming Community, Arma 3 Public Community Over the last couple of months Arma within the BigD Community has grown pretty fast, with a lot of players from our community and external to the community taking a high level of interest in...