A New Logo Appears...

Today is the day that our current Boxing Kangaroo on the rising sun logo will be replaced with a new stylized BigD logo.

The boxing kangaroo on rising sun logo was designed back in 2013 during a community competition to set a permanent logo for the community.
Previously the community had no permanent logo, instead there would be regular competitions to design banners for the old vBulletin website and it was up to the designers to make their own logos on those banners. Banners were then voted on by the community and a certain amount were chosen to appear at the top of the website at random.

As BigD Gaming moves towards expansion and bigger adventures this year and in the next, we have taken to step to have a logo designer work on a unique logo that can be used without any potential issues in a commercial fashion.

We present to you the new BigD Gaming logo set:

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