Argh Matey! - Atlas - BigD Server Launch!

Argh Matey! - Atlas - BigD Server Launch!
We have finally got it going - the BigD Gaming Atlas server!

After a couple of days of learning and building we managed to get the server going. Thanks for everyone who has helped me get this running, especially over Christmas.

Server Info:

Name: [AU] ATLAS DownUnder
Grid Size: 2x2
Game Mode: PvP
Food/Water Rates: have been halved = slower drain

Server Rules:
  1. No PvP on the starting freeport island!! - save it for the open water
  2. Racist, abusive and hate speech is not tolerated
  3. Using any form of cheating is forbidden
  4. Using any in-game glitches for your advantage is forbidden
  5. Strictly no profanity in your in-game name

(These rules will be updated and moved into the correct game server page on this website shortly)


While we have gone live and tried our hardest to get everything functioning as best we can, please know there may still be bugs, especially general EA game server issues. We hope everyone can remain patient with us should we need to address any issues. Please let us know in the discord #atlas-chat channel is there is something game breaking that you discover.

Otherwise please enjoy the server and happy exploring!

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