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Jan 25, 2019
Auckland New Zealand
From the desk of Jake Avery,

The Free Booters community project will continue after the march wipe however, there will be significant changes to the plan.

1. Company name FreeBooters will be renamed to Free Booters to reflect the title on the claim and ship flags.
2. The chosen island for the project will be renamed The Morrow Glade's partly due to it's scenic beauty being close to that of Morrowwind, Skyrim and Oblivion and its glade like alcoves both hidden and obvious throughout.

The Island is like a small country being the largest and most unique island on the map and the only one I have found with connecting villages and townships via rough dirt roads. It will also be placed in a pve grid close to pvp zones.

Due to changes made by GS, there will be a tax to pay for island upkeep. This will be 10% to 15% but there is still a lot to learn about the new system so may change after the update.

Rules: Yes, as a community project, we must have a guideline of what we can and cannot do and hopefully a committee to make important decisions regarding the growth and welfare of our settlements.

Towns and Villages: These are No Build areas and reserved only for the use of community Amenities. This was a tough decision to make as I know people love building into the existing structures as I myself do, but due to the lack of space between buildings and the general layout of the structures, it is not feasible to do so w/o marring the look and feel of the towns themselves. There are 2 docks East and West reserved for company use, these are easily recognised due to the buildings upon them. These will be our main trade centres.

Taking into consideration the above, there are also small villages and single structures which you may build upon and or extend with the exception of lookout towers, these too must remain intact and untouched. Without touching the towns, there are several scenic areas throughout where you can build your paradisal home.

This is not an easy island to settle on so please come prepared. I personally like to tame a couple pigs as bodyguards and a monkey to slow attackers before leaving a starter island on a raft.

Apart from standard resource, the island offers, Iron, pure slate, emeralds, Syrup trees, strawberries, peppers, and celery. My bear found honey but I have yet to find this myself. There are also many ponds and rivers with carp, bass and catfish so plenty of fresh water and fish.

Any structures blocking scarce resource shall be removed so please be considerate of others. These resource are as follows. Emeralds, Iron, Pure Slate, Peppers, Strawberries and Syrup Trees.

As there are no Medicinal Herbs on the island, we will need to import at least one of the following...

Funnily enough, the Wiki does not list Celery as either Vegetable, Cooking Herb, Medicinal Herb or Seed, yet it is abundant on this island,

Fauna Aggressive: Lions, Cobra's, Rattle snakes, Bees, Wolves.

Tames: Horses, Pigs, Bulls, Bears, Sheep, Rabbits, Cows, Chickens, Crows, and Seagulls.

That is all for now, after the wipe some of the above may or may not change once more info is available. You are more than welcome to join me in bringing this plan to realisation.

Jake Avery AkA Finch.
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