Battlefield V Discussion

I will be updating this post with all post made by DICE posted on their official site and YouTube Channel and any post made by 3rd party site that has any info on the game.

I have added a * to new posts so they are easy to find


Battlefield V official site []

Game overview []

The 10 Most Exciting Moments In The Battlefield V Reveal Trailer []

Battlefield V – WW2 As You Have Never Seen It Before []

All You Need To Know About The Battlefield V Editions And Pre-Order Offers []

Bring Your Company On An Ever-Changing Journey Across The Tides Of War []

Battlefield V Deep-Dive: Gameplay Changes And Additions []*

Grand Operations And Multiplayer Modes In Battlefield V []*

Battlefield V: Everything we know []*


Battlefield V Official Reveal Trailer [Battlefield]

Battlefield V Official Multiplayer Trailer [Battlefield]*

Battlefield V New Gameplay Features and Huge changes. [jackfrags]

Battlefield V Trailer Breakdown [jackfrags]

Battlefield V Gameplay Progression + Tides of War [jackfrags]

Battlefield V Maps + Theatres of War [jackfrags]

Battlefield V A new era begins [jackfrags]*

Battlefield V Gameplay Grand Operations [jackfrags]*

BATTLEFIELD V Vehicle Gameplay Mechanics: Resupply, Repair, Towing Explained [Flakfire]* (shared by Fraggin' Dragon)

Battlefield V New Gameplay and Impressions [jackfrags]*

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If you keep this thread updated, it will be a lot easier to keep up to date on what is going with BFV. Cheers :D