ARMA BigD Arma SITREP #001

BigD Arma SITREP #001

From: Senior Arma Admin Team

To: BigD Gaming Community, Arma 3 Public Community

Over the last couple of months Arma within the BigD Community has grown pretty fast, with a lot of players from our community and external to the community taking a high level of interest in what we have to offer with Arma. A good example has been the increased growth of post in the Arma channels on discord, from general chit chat and screenshots to talking about mods, missions and PC builds.

As most of you are aware of, we launched our public Arma server (Liberation on Lythium) on the 26th of May. Just under 50 unique players connected to the server and finished the mission in 17 days. As of 2 nights ago we launched the second Liberation mission on Al Rayak and this mission has already had 29 different players connect. From these 50 different players, we have had a few of them already join us for our OP nights which is awesome to see. The success so far means that the public server will be staying for a long time and will develop over time to meet the communities needs. We will continue to run Liberation on different maps for a while, however we like to change things up and keep things fresh. At some stage we will run a Invade and Annex or Invade and Annex: Apex Edition. In saying that we are constantly on the look out for new ideas and suggestions with regards to our public server, so feel free to message Cyrus or myself on discord.

As a lot of you know, at the start of the year we went through a little change with regards to the SORD 7Int Operations, I stepped back and Cyrus took the reins in running the OPs. He has done an awesome job with the OPs and has a pretty darn good story line running at the moment. This includes members of the BigD Community running as traitors within the SORD 7Int OPs. These traitors have their own secondary missions during each OP to sabotage our progression. This has been keeping things very interesting to say the least. Cyrus has just updated the SORD 7Int preset, which can be found in the #arma-info channel on discord. I personally am looking forward to see how this current campaign progresses and to find out who these traitors are. I do have my own suspicions as to who they are, however I have no concrete evidence at this stage.

Where to from here?

Cyrus and I have had plenty of people asking us if we could bring back the Arma Events. We have heard you and have been working on the new branch of SORD. SORD Black Division events will have a Spec OPs X File feel. This means that the events will have enemies from Aliens to Zeds, from Cults to Rogue Nations and maybe even evil spirits. I have been posting plenty of screenshots in the #arma-media channel of the badass squads that will be in Black Division. We hope you have enjoyed these little teasers. I have now posted the Black Division Event mod preset in the #arma-info channel, however one thing to take note of is that the modset still requires further testing and some mods might be removed. The reason I have posted the modset is that I have had plenty of members asking me for it so they can start downloading the core mods. Majority of the mods will stay the same, like the maps, weapons and gear, it is just the enemies that require further testing. The current approx time frame for the first major event is probably about a month away, however we will keep you posted.

SORD Black Division Trailer 1
SORD Black Division Trailer 2
SORD Black Division Trailer 3

Thank you for staying with us and helping us to build a better Arma Community within BigD Gaming. Remember honest feedback is always required on any aspect of Arma or even BigD Gaming in general, don't be shire. And a special welcome to all the new players who have joined us for Arma.



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