BigD Arma Sitrep #003

From: Senior ARMA Admin Team

To: BigD Gaming Community, Arma 3 Public Community

Public Server

As usual I'm happy to report the public server has been seeing lots of use
However there have been several instances of people blowing up buildings, killing civilians and friendly fire. We understand that accidents can happen but repeat offenders will be reprimanded accordingly.
I&A continues to be a source of enjoyment for many so that will remain as part of the rotation.
We will be doing our first port of a new map this Sunday the 12th. For this Liberation we will be playing as Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and versing United States Armed Forces so look forward to that.
We've been looking into Antistasi and Bulwarks, unfortunately with Antistasi we can't setup it up in a way that we are happy with for an open server. We are however considering doing it as a closed server event for a period so keep an eye out for that.
Bulwarks is almost ready to go, we will be doing some final touches on it and looking to launch it as part of the rotation in the near future.

OPs and Events

The SORD 7INT ops have seen some lower numbers after an unfortunate op a couple of weeks ago. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback both publicly and privately about that OP. I've taken all your thoughts under consideration and will continue to make it better and better. I'm happy to report that last weeks OP went extremely well even with the lower numbers so if you are unsure about coming back please either speak to those that were there, check out Valr. Floki's stream of the OP or message a Senior Arma Admin so we can put any reservations to rest.

We are coming down to the last couple of missions for this campaign. Provided that the OP objective is successful this weekend (Saturday 11th) the final OP of the campaign will be on the 18th. The OP on the 18th will be a longer OP with staggered deployment of squads depending on numbers so be sure to check the details thoroughly.

Important News

We have a couple of things to cover this week.

The first thing is as we are starting to look at a new campaign I'm looking to get some feedback from people about what they are interested in next. Going off that I've got a few ideas but if you have any ideas about what you would like to be doing please message me or leave a comment below. I'll be collecting all the ideas you give me and posting a poll out in the next couple of weeks to see what everyone would like to do next.

The second thing you should know about is that once we have finished the current campaign we will be running a couple of community events so if you have a mission you've made that you'd like us to host then please message a Senior Arma Admin about it so we can organise it. We will likely do this for two weekends before starting up the new campaign so get in quick if you are interested. Also keep and eye out for more information about the event in the next couple of weeks.

Closing Notes

I just want to reiterate my closing notes from the last Sitrep, whilst we aren't actively recruiting new Arma Admins we are always on the lookout so please let a Senior Arma Admin know if you are interested.


[SORD] CyrusBlint aka Archlight



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