BigD Arma Sitrep #004

From: Senior ARMA Admin Team

To: BigD Gaming Community, Arma 3 Public Community

Public Server

Lets start off with public server news.
There has been a lot of talk about a BigD Exile server now that the Exile is on the workshop. The Senior team are having a look to see if it is possible and how we want to go about it.
We are also looking to get your feedback here: BigD Gaming Exile Server Thoughts....... | so if you have any thoughts please voice them there.
For those who aren't already aware SSV8TE is currently away so progress on fixing the bugs with the Gunkizi Liberation have stagnated a bit.

However we have Malden 2025 ready to go for Liberation so if people are happy to put Gunkizli aside for now whilst we work that out we can launch that at any time.

We've noticed a lack of interest in Invade & Annex lately. We'd like your feedback as to whether you'd like to continue having it as part of the rotation.

Ops and Events

The SORD 7INT Operations have come to a close by successfully stopping Uprising from launching their nuclear weapons in their attempt to start World War 3 thanks to your efforts.

A new campaign titled "SORD Anvil" will be starting on the 22nd of September with Operation Groundfall so keep your eyes peeled for more information about that in the next 2 weeks.

We also have another Black Division Event coming on the 16th of September from TPM. This will be a 5 hour long Operation and a continuation of the previous Black Division Operations.

Yet another mission is in the works by the one and only Kordite as a continuation of his first mission, Operation Grail.

With so much going on with competing time slots we are considering either rotating weekends for the different campaigns or maintaining the standard SORD Operations on a Saturday and slotting in the other potential campaigns on a Sunday when they are ready. Again we'd love to get your feedback on this to see what everyone wants.

Important News

Only one thing to cover this time around.

For those who haven't noticed Valr. Kordite has joined the ARMA admin team. He was previously a Squad and Post Scriptum but due to us drawing him in with our fantastic community he's come over to us so please congratulate him.

Closing notes

We are currently looking for people with video editing experience or Photoshop/image creation experience so if you have either of those and an interest in ARMA please message a Senior ARMA admin so we can have a chat.


[SORD] CyrusBlint aka Archon




Squad Admin
[OcA] Clan
Jun 8, 2018
Yeah I&A is only really good with a lot of players. Lib is far better than I&A in my books. Would be happy for Malden 2025. Also Congrats Kordite!!
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