BigD is looking for media staff

Do you have a keen interest in Media creation or would like to practise your skills with design or video editing for a portfolio ? Then we are looking for you to join the BigD media team.
We currently are looking for people that have the following or an interest in improving your skills.
1. Time to regularly create new content for the discord channel as well as the website.
2. Assist with video content ( preferably someone that know the software).
3. Assist with designing of event flyers and promotional content.
4. Obviously work well within the media team.

Depending on experience and applicants we will try and fit your preferred choice in. be quick as only a few spots will be made available for this intake.

If you are interested or would like further information please feel free to DM me (love_my_308) in discord or you can ask me to jump in voip channels if preferred. Also if you have other people you may believe might suit this role pass this onto them.


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