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Would you like to see BECTI on the BigD Public Arma Server?

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Morning all,

Cyrus and I are very happy with the response we have seen with the Public Liberation Server. With members of the community and outside the community spending hours playing on the server each day and enjoying all that the mission has to offer.

As I posted on Wednesday, we are always looking for ways to improve Arma at BigD and this includes suggestions and ideas for OPs, Events and the Public Server. One of the suggestions we have received is for a PvPvE CTI mission for the public server. What comes to mind at first is BECTI (Benny Capture The Island). From personal experience this is a great mission, well in fact this is where my Arma experience started back on Arma 2. Installed Arma 2 and jumped online straight away and found a server called " #1 - BECTI" (Internode gaming server). This mission is what made me love the game.

Even though it has been a year since the official BECTI mission has been updated for Arma 3, I have found a modified version which is still being updated today (Have a look here).

I have attached a few images below to give you an overview of what BECTI is about. Please take the time to have a read and let me know if you guys/girls would be interested in running a BECTI Vanilla mission after the current Liberation mission or maybe just a weekend event of CTI to all bragging between BLUFOR and OPFOR players :D








Aug 15, 2017
Western Suburbs, Adelaide
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For anyone that hasn't played it; BECTI is much like liberation in terms of overall gameplay, but more flexible in terms of replayability 2 teams are fighting to dominate the map, the HQ can be setup anywhere you want it (much like the FOB in liberation) as you can see from the pics above your income is based on how many objectives you currently hold, so more income = more assets = more options to use against the other team.. Utilising the entire arsenal of whatever faction you're in. I've been playing CTI since it was first coined as MFCTI back on the original Malden map in 2004 lol.. It's one of the better scenarios that utilises everything arma has to offer in one mission.

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