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BigD Rocket League - One Night Knockout



Rocket League - One Night Knockout.jpg

BigD Rocket League - One Night Knockout

Hey Everyone!

So far the plan is to have a one night event which will involve just a regular knock out style competition. We haven't got a date locked in as of yet, but are penciling in November 5th, it is a Saturday. However if the date is not suitable for those interested then we can look to find another date.

As for now it's up to you to form your team of 3 players and if one member of your team can reply and let me know that your team exists we can form the competition table.

Spread the word and lets get as many BigD players in this as we can, bragging rights can be distributed to the winning 3 in the BigD community.

So if you are keen for some RL against fellow community members, please show some interest and reply to this post so we can see the numbers.


BigD Events Team
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Jun 23, 2007
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I'm totally pro at rocket league... not!

I'll give it a go

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