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BigD SCUM Prison Server ORDERED!
Posted by Madhouse
SCUM DownUnder Server!
Thursday, August 30, 2018 - 08:00 AM
Until: Thursday, August 30, 2018 - 11:00 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: Australia/Sydney)
3 going

Upcoming dates
All times have been adjusted for the timezone: Australia/Sydney

This event has expired and has no upcoming dates
BigD Gaming community has pre-ordered our first SUPERMAX SCUM penitentiary and Warden MadHouse is eagerly awaiting our first batch of degenerates, perverts, fiddlers, miscreant, reprobates, nefariants, deviants and psychopaths on this Thursday 30/08/2018. (YES we know it’s been a big mistake and YOU ARE ALL INNOCENT).

Starting with 32 prison cells (slots) Warden MadHouse has promised the Governor he has the manpower on standby to max out the slots on day one if there are more desperate criminals needing lodgings.

Of course the BigD SUPERMAX Prison Server Farm is based in the convict capital of the world Botany Bay, Sydney, Australia.

If you’re a goody-two-shoes, girlie-man Prison Guard killjoy then ADMIN RECRUITMENT will begin once the server is online. Volunteer to help control the rabble if you're man (or woman) enough.

REMEMBER this ya dumbass SCUM Bags:
  • Order the game from STEAM ya bloody idiot
  • SCUM Server is online when game releases
  • 32 slots (expandable)
  • Options to run additional SCUM servers (first person & third person, etc)
  • Web portal and support forums ready on release day
  • BigD Gaming will support SCUM as a fully supported community game just like SQUAD & Post Scriptum

Written by
Dr Haemorrhoid Hurts, BigD's consulting Criminal Psychiatrist, on behalf of Warden Madhouse.

(If you are offended by any of the above content -- DILLIGAF???)
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