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Hello everyone, happy Friday!

I know what you all wanna know. Where patch? Patch when? well as said in Development update next week we have a bigger one planned so no patch this week.

How is the progress on the patch?

Pretty good as you can see.

Well since there is no patch, I don't want you all to be sad so have some sweet community showcase and a fan favorite Q&A. Let's not forget the comic as well.

Here we go!

Watch your speed limit round here friend.

The iron throne? Pffffft

Some say you can still hear singing till this day.

Ok,ok,ok,ok! Bad idea! Bad idea! Bad idea! Abort!

*Record Scratch* *Freeze Frame* "Yup, thats me. You're probably wondering how I got into this situation"

What he means is the base is in Early Access.

Moments before some random cowboy starts screaming.
Sippy: Let me chime in for a moment.

God mode or not, that is impressive.

Huh, maybe it is patch day.

Didn't know we added nukes in the game, but hey at least ours work.

And one more extra: Shot out to Dye for making these hilarious videos on SCUM development. Good work ma dude. Make sure to check him out!


Time for some Q&A, there were alot of responses on our latest post so I threw in some extra.

  • It is already planned and in the works.

  • We see you bro. Cheers!

  • Fair enough, 25fps sounds like a problem. But for us to solve your problem we need to know the root of the problem. Now there are 2 possible "roots".

    1. Our game is terrible in optimizations (3.6 not too good not too bad)
    2. Well, your hardware. We kinda need to know on what you play. Example: you play on a integrated GPU and get 25 fps on high/medium? Ill say that's hella awesome, if you get that on a 1080, that's an issue. So when you guys feel like screaming at us for optimizations (we totally have no problems with that) but please let us know your hardware so we know what we are working with here.

  • Yep, more content is on its way. PvE will get its love as soon as we manage to bring the game to a state that can handle it. First we need to finish the planned core mechanics and assets then optimize all of it.

  • No

  • Yes! We are working on it so keep an eye out.

  • The answer is more a PSA: Do not spawn prisoners through commands. They are here for testing purposes only and mess with your game heavily.

  • We will write it down, but can't promise anything on a "when".

  • Good news. Spanish is already supported! Go to your Steam library and right click on SCUM. Go to properties and select the language tab. Then choose your preferred language.

  • As in their ping is over 9000? We are working on a new system that should release the load on the server and help with optimization and desync issues.

  • Yeap. Fuel and refueling are planned issues so prepare everyone! The US military is coming to SCUM island!

  • Aloe vera unfortunately died 2 days ago.

  • Sorry. Gamepires only drinks Lepi Decki brewery.

  • Yes. The legend says the more antennas you have the more your neighbors envy you.

  • Well the island is abandoned. If you mean aesthetically, look up how cities look in Croatia. The answer might surprise you!

  • Rale is already cursing around the office and grabbing his head, so yeah I believe it will sound great.

It is Friday, funday and you know what that means! That is right! New comic page, as is tradition.

If you missed any pages you can find a full list here:

And the latest, #22:

That is all from us have a good weekend and more news next week.

Kind regard, "alive, but dead inside" Beda.

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