Conan Exiles PVE Server

Hi Everyone,

For those of you that are unaware, BigD has launched a PVE server to cater to the Australian player base of Conan Exiles. Tonight the server peaked at a total number of 17 Players which is an absolutely awesome effort and slightly above our last highest number of 13 players. @5tardu5t @xlxharry @Reason @Meatbomb83 and I would like to invite and welcome you all to join in on what is starting to become a very active, exciting and fast growing server. We have been given praise from new members of the BigDGaming community on the pleasant and helpful players which have also called this server home.

The server has an experience rate of 3x and gathering rate of 3x, which gives a nice medium for both a casual and hardcore player. Whats more, Reason and Myself have been organizing weekly events which include Colosseum battles against Creatures and Humanoids, Treasure Hunts, Quizzes and have more ideas for future events in the works! We believe that these events keep players interested and welcome any and all to participate.

You can find the server under the PVE tab under the name of CONAN DownUnder #2 | PVE | 3X.

See you in the barren lands, Exile.

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