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Hey everyone,

Welcome to Developer Briefing #20! This week we’re sharing with you some of the telemetry and analytics that we’re planning to implement in the next closed beta (date announcement pending).

The information we collate will go a long way in identifying potential changes and supporting community feedback following the next beta, both on the granular and wider scale.

From roles to weapons and the metagame, we’ll be watching and applying what we learn. Below are some of the things we’ll be gathering information on:

Client-Side Data

This data comes directly from the players themselves and focuses on their individual behaviour and actions in-game. This can range from relatively simple data, such as kills with a particular weapon to time spent using a particular role or the numbers of times voice chat is used.
Client-side data we aim to collect in the next beta:
  • Player kills per weapon – For example MP40, M1 Garand etc.
  • Deaths by role – How many times a player dies in a specific role.
  • Binocular usage – How often and for how long are Officers using this tool.
  • Times played as a role – How many times a player picks a specific role, such as Rifleman, Medic etc.
  • Officer role picks – How often a player chooses to be an Officer.
  • Role switching – Does a player stick with a specific role or switch often.
  • Deployment screen time – How long does a player spend in the deployment screen before respawning.
  • Number of times an Officer uses voice chat – Which channels, proximity, unit or leadership.
  • Number of times an Officer uses text chat – unit, team.
  • Equipment usage by role – How often medics use Morphine or Anti-Tank builds an AT gun.
  • Suppression frequency – How often players are utilising the suppression effect in a firefight.
  • Kills by bombing run – Commander role skill.
  • Kills by strafing run – Commander role skill (not live yet).
  • Player time in map – From joining to leaving a match.

The information we can gather from the above is very useful at identifying if certain roles are fulfilling, our game mechanics are working as intended and whether players are making the most of the tools available to them. This helps us read between the lines and make usability and quality of life tweaks to the game and see if what we’re hearing from the community in written feedback is matching up with the data we’re seeing in-game.

Server-Side Data

This data is taken from the servers themselves, focusing on broader analytics such as the metagame, kills per team and which sectors were the most contested.

Server-side data we aim to collect in the next beta:
  • Amount of kills a team get per map – For example, Germans get x kills and Americans x kills on Hurtgen Forest.
  • Kills per role – How many kills did Riflemen get compared to Snipers, Officers, Machine Gunners etc.
  • Sector contention – How long are certain sectors battles over for, what’s their capture and hold times.
  • Strongpoint usage – Amount of players inside/outside of one when a sector is captured.
  • Sector usage – Amount of players inside/outside of one when a sector gets captured.
The above information allows us to look at the workings of the wider metagame, as well as the performance of roles in the wider battle. This information is also useful in helping to identify whether strongpoints are serving their intended design within a sector.

Knowing is half the battle!

Now you know some of the things that we’ll be looking into for the next beta! We’re excited to run this telemetry alongside the existing methods of community feedback as we get ready for Early Access launch on June 6th.

We’ve still got two more betas to hold before then, so you won’t be waiting long for news on when you’ll next be joining us on the frontline to battle it out!

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