HLL Developer Briefing 35 – Future Improvements to Animation & Incoming Patch!

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Hey everyone,

Welcome to Developer Briefing 35! This week we’re giving you an early look at future improvements to animations in Hell Let Loose as well as a heads up that a patch is arriving tomorrow. We’ll release a changelog with it so you can check out all the new and improved aspects.

As we progress through Early Access you can expect an increase in quality for both TPP and FPP animations. Much like how we’re working on SFX improvements, the plan is to add our updated animations piece by piece when they’re complete, rather than holding back until everything is finished further down the Early Access line.

Walk this way!

Below we’ll be sharing with you a first look at what you can expect from our improved animation plans.

PLEASE NOTE: The examples shown aren’t final. These were technical tests conducted with our player skeleton to make sure that the mocap results would translate well. As a result of this, we’ve since recorded mocap in several sessions and are now cleaning them up and making sure they’re ready to bring into the engine. We’re excited about the direction we’re taking with this and wanted to give you all a preview of what’s to come…

When it comes to walking and running, our aim is to increase the smoothness of the movement to give it a much more organic appearance.

In battle you always need to be alert, we feel that this should be visually represented in game. When standing idle, player models won’t be so rigid in the future.

The same can be said for kneeling, both when resting or aiming down sight. Keeping your balance and staying as comfortable as possible should be reflected in the player avatar’s behaviour.

Actions such as going prone, vaulting and leaning will also feel and look smoother.

Moving forward!

We hope you enjoyed a first look at where we’re moving towards with our TPP and FPP animations.

There’s still work to be done here so these won’t be coming to Hell Let Loose until we’re slightly further into Early Access, but we have a date internally that we’re aiming for.

Once we get closer to this date we’ll be in a better position to share a window for these changes hitting the game.

The team are also busy working on bug fixes and other new content (one piece we’ll be talking about next week!) to further evolve the Hell Let Loose experience.

That wraps up this week’s briefing, we’ll see you on the frontline!

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