HLL Developer Briefing #36 – Tiger 1 First Look!

Hey everyone,

Welcome to Developer Briefing 36! This week we’re taking a first look at an upcoming addition to Hell Let Loose, the infamous Tiger 1!

The Tiger will be coming in a future update that will mark the arrival of the first Heavy Tank in Hell Let Loose. The USA equivalent will be coming slightly after that, so we look forward to seeing how the US armour and AT units adapt to this new presence on the frontline during the interim…

The Tiger’s roar

Weighing in at 54 tonnes and packing a devastating 8.8cm KwK 36, the Tiger 1 was a fearsome piece of German engineering. Those that could avoid the ire of the Tiger’s armaments would then have to contend with armour that could be as thick as 100-120mm in key locations!

Locking down the area

The Tiger’s HE rounds excel at providing ranged support to German infantry, but it really shines with its AP rounds that can cut through all Allied armour with ease.

Overwatch initiated

Key information
  • Top speed: 18km/ph
  • Respawn Time: 10 minutes (Double that of Panther)
  • Fuel Cost: 100
Due to the expensive cost and long respawn time of the Tiger, German players will want to make sure that it’s well supported by infantry lest it get overwhelmed and destroyed by US infantry and the swifter Sherman tanks.

When the Tiger 1 arrives in Hell Let Loose it will be available for German forces across all maps and be added to their current quota of Panthers and the Luchs.

Crouching tiger, hidden tank

Taming the Tiger

US forces attempting to take down this juggernaut will want to avoid a frontal confrontation at all costs. Instead they’ll need to focus on achieving multiple penetrating hits on the sides and rear of the tank.

A message from Max – Lead Developer

Hi all,

We're excited to introduce the apex predator into our armour food chain and watch the way it's used on the battlefield. Like always, we're continuously working on more vehicles, features, FPP and TPP animation overhaul, SFX overhaul, new maps as well as continuously fixing issues.

Stay tuned as tomorrow we’ll be releasing our next quality of life patch which we’re hoping will improve VoIP stability as well as address the empty server browser issues reported to us by the community.

If you're enjoying Hell Let Loose we'd love you to leave us a Steam review.

See you on the frontline!

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