HLL Developer Briefing #37 - Hands on with Hell Let Loose!

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Hey everyone,

Welcome to Developer Briefing 37! This week we’re getting handsy as we share a first look at updated hand models that are coming to the game in the future!

We’ve also got a sneakiest of peeks of something else at the end of today’s brief…

Handy Update

Being an FPS, you look at your hands a lot in Hell Let Loose. Currently this is the view players see when holding their weapon:

We feel it conveys pretty clearly that it’s a hand, doing hand things such as holding, aiming, reloading and firing your weapon. But the team felt that there was room for improvement here, by giving players more realistic hands we feel that player immersion can be further increased - so here’s what you can look forward to in a future update:

Smaller, more detailed hands.

More detail in the wrists.

Visible veins and skin detail.

This change will apply across the board, whether you’re handling a weapon, driving a vehicle or using equipment / medical supplies.

We’re excited to see this combined with our future animations update to create a smooth, gritty and satisfying feel to each movement and action you take in-game.

Updated hands also means updated sleeves…

Crinkles and imperfections will give a more ‘worn’ feeling to the sleeves.

Indentations and creases will be prominent too!

Suits you sir!

A little look at something that’s coming together…

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See you on the frontline!

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