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Hey everyone,

Welcome to Developer Briefing 38! This week we’re pleased to share with you that Unit Management, a feature we know you’ve patiently been waiting for, is coming to Hell Let Loose in Update #2.

Unit Management will help Officers run their unit, and keep it banded. This is to encourage chatty units, playing with friends, role playing or bringing tactically like-minded players together.

The full ins and outs of this system can be found below…

Your Unit, Your Rules!

When creating a unit and taking the Officer role, players now have the choice as to whether they want to make their unit open or locked.

The only way a player can join a locked unit is via approval from the unit’s Officer. This is achieved by receiving an invite from said Officer, or by sending a join request to a locked unit and having it accepted.

When using this system, there’s a couple of things to keep in mind:

1. Officers can only invite players in the deploy menu and can only invite unassigned (not in a unit already) players.

2. If an Officer is deployed and alive, unassigned players can send a join request, which will then lead to an actionable prompt on the receiving Officer’s screen.

To further highlight the importance of Officers, we’re also adding a feature that messages every player in a unit that lacks an Officer that they should probably consider addressing this. Players will be encouraged to do this upon using the deployment screen.

What shape is Italy?

Unit management will also bring with it the ability to boot players out of their unit, if you’re an Officer.

Players that get removed from this method will be removed from their unit upon death, before being prompted to join another unit on the deployment screen.

Here’s a heads up on what happens to players in different kicking scenarios:
  • Kicked players will be in the same unit VOIP channel, until they die.
  • However, Kicked players do not show up in units and do not count towards a unit’s size.
  • If a Sniper is pending to be kicked on death in a Recon unit, another player can join as a Rifleman immediately and swap to Sniper when the role becomes vacant. (No Sniper stacking!)

Harsh, but fair.

Just because we’re adding a kicking feature, it doesn’t mean it should be used on a whim. Ideally newer players or those lacking the experience of more veteran players will be met with patience, encouragement and comradery.

But, we know that people get kicked for different reasons, so when a kick does occur the affected player will receive a notification as to why they got kicked upon death.

The three reasons for the boot that an Officer can give are the following:

1. Not using teamwork
2. Not staying with the unit
3. Making room for a friend

If you find yourself without a unit at the deployment menu, simply join another, or create one of your own.

Officer’s Rules!

That wraps up our briefing on unit management. Thanks again for your patience whilst we worked on adding it to the game, you won’t be waiting long for this!

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See you on the frontline!

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