SCUM Developer Showcase #7 - Mirko (3D artist)



Hey, everyone!

I hope you're not too mad I missed a couple of these showcases! We've been really busy recently with some big things coming up soon, so everything else that isn't strictly game-related kind of got put on the back burner. I'm back, though, and I'm very excited for you to meet Mirko, officially a 3D artist, unofficially one of my favorite coworkers, and today you'll find out why!

I really tried to think of a bad joke to use as a caption, but look at this face! He's so nice that I don't have it in me. Sorry.

Mirko has been with Gamepires for almost 3 years and during that time he has made a bunch of game assets you all know and love. He says he always wanted to work in game development and he had strong nerd tendencies since he was a kid. A good example of the latter is how proficient he is with anything hardware related. Someone in the office wants to buy a new piece of hardware and needs advice on what to get? Ask Mirko. My laptop is acting weird and Google can't help me? Go whine to Mirko. Most of the times you don't even have to ask. He'll offer to do it himself because he's just nice like that.

A completely candid and not at all posed photo of Mirko washing my coffee cup even though it was already clean

He's a self-taught 3D artist who played around with various modeling software at home in his spare time, starting with 3ds Max, using Youtube tutorials and hanging out on different 3D modeling forums. However, he was not always a game developer. Before that, in another life, Mirko was a chef. Yes, you heard that right - Mirko was a chef for 11 long years. I asked what happened there because, while I knew that piece of info, I didn't know the full story. He simply said he got bored of the kitchen and decided on a career change. Just like that? Yep, just like that. Gamedev is obviously a stressful and fast-paced environment, but he says it doesn't even come close to the stress of working in a kitchen. He applied at Gamepires, passed the test and the rest is history.

In his spare time, Mirko likes to make Barbie house models.

That's exactly what's great about him. He's not one to sit on his ass. He wants to do something, but doesn't know how? You can rest assured he'll study the hell out of that thing, watch as many tutorials as he needs to learn it and practice like a madman. It's honestly inspiring. Even most of his answers to my interview questions were inspiring. I asked him what his favorite part of his job is and he said it's learning new things because there's always something new to learn. Usually I'd just make a lame joke about motivational bullshit and move on, but in this case I knew he wasn't lying. Learning new stuff is just his thing.

An upcoming model of an upgraded Barbie house.

So what exactly was Mirko's contribution to SCUM, you ask? Well, let's see. Most of his day-to-day work relates to level design, but as you might already know, we're a Small Team™ and Everyone Does Everything™ and so does he. Remember the airport? The most visited place on the Island? Mirko made all of it. The mech? Mirko. The drone that shows up at the most inconvenient times possible and follows you around? Also Mirko. A bunch of underground bases, weapons, new city assets? Yep, Mirko.

We heard you like leaks, so here's a cool one.

His story is an important one and not just in the follow-your-dreams-and-good-things-will-happen sense. I'm not advising anyone to just up and quit their job and be like "I'm gonna be a game dev now" because that's obviously stupid. No, Mirko's story is a story of hard work and dedication to learning and that's something all of us can learn from and aspire to.

Hopefully you liked this week's post and meeting our Mirko. If you have any thoughts or messages for him, please leave them in the comments down below!

Have a great day and talk to you soon!

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