SCUM Development update #5




Hey everyone, we heard you missed our development updates, so we brought you one straight from Gamepires' kitchen. Read up on what we're cooking down below!

Base Building


  • We showed you some of the animations that we will use on boats, but we will have simple water transportation methods as well.

Quad Bike

  • Regarding transport, we are adding a quad bike. The quad will be able to seat 2 people,it has a storage box, and will come in different versions.

Driving skill

  • Our driving skill is being updated as we speak, advanced damage calculation depending on which part of the car you hit and what happens after.

  • If you would hit the car engine it will do more damage than if you would hit the side of the car.

  • Shooting tires can result that the car will stop driving.

City buildings

  • We are still not sure when the first city will come to the island, but we are making good progress on the assets.


  • New place to explore! Want to gaze some stars?


  • This one doesn't need an introduction.


  • Okay we know a lot of people have been waiting for this. That's the reason we are taking our time to deliver it in the best condition possible. This is how it looks for now.

  • For missions we are adding a new tab called "Journal" that's the place where you will track all your quests.

  • For now there will be 3 mission types: Main story, Side story and Tutorial. There will be few ways of getting/triggering a mission:
    1. Getting to a certain location
    2. Over the Journal
    3. Meeting certain conditions (crafting, skill level etc..)
    4. Team missions (Team leader distributes roles and assignments for

  • In some mission more people will be able to partake, but only the one who finishes first will get the reward. The same works with teams.

Inventory Rework

  • To those unaware, inventory rework is well underway.
    What that brings is a more flexible and performant system which will allow us to more easily implement specific inventory and item-related features.
    Features you can expect in the first wave include support for stacking various items, rotating items in your inventory, as well as improved chests / car inventory handling with accompanying UI.
    What it will also enable us to do includes, for example, lowering your pants when doing #2, attaching various items to your backpack and such QoL things.


  • Basic level of cooking should be soon over, to get the grip of how it works we need to cover a few things first.

  • We reworked how fire works, as the fire consumes the wood its temperature will drop over time (now it will have an visual effect for easier fire tracking).

  • Similar system is the drying system. The closer you are to the fire the bigger the heat and the faster the food cooks. So things that will impact the final cooking product are:
    1. Fire strength
    2. Food distance from fire
    3. Type of food (Some dishes are faster done some slower)
    4. How fast the food item absorbs heat
    Also, try not to burn the bacon as its possible to burn food if the fire is too strong and the food is too close to it.

Language support

  • We updated German, Russian and Simplified Chinese.

  • We are adding more languages:
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
    • Traditional Chinese

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