SCUM Development update #7 & Community Q&A




Hello and welcome to another update where we show you the amazing things we are working on for you guys!

Double Magazines

  • "There is nothing that some duct tape didn't fix or make better." That's how the old saying goes, and who are we to say anything different?

  • Guns that will be able to have double mags are:
    • AK 47
    • AKM
    • AKS
    • M16
    • MK18
    • MP5
    • AS VAL

  • Besides faster reload, once we add different bullet types, you will be able to load each mag with different ammo.

    Also, you are getting that big bad M82 next patch.

Exploding Heads

  • "Is this really good enough to put into the update?"
  • Without this, this update wouldn't exist.

  • With the M82 getting live soon, we had to make this for an extra reward for all the headshots you will make.

Ship Wrecks

  • Casual diver, treasure hunter or just need a good place to dump a body. All of them are cool, and thats why we are making some interesting and amazing diving spots like this!

  • Regarding diving, you will be able to find/craft various items that will help you in diving. We will go into more details in some future update.

Quad bike animations

  • With the last update on quads, we improved and polished old animations for a better driving experience.

Base build accessories

  • You all saw in this post some snippets of base building, here are some tools that you will use.

  • You will need the tools for collecting various resources that are needed for base building. What did pirates do with shovels? Buried their chests!

  • Also a place for the guests to stay.

Community Q&A

I just want to say, that this is becoming my favourite part really fast.

  • We won't let your dreams be dreams. We are working on them as we speak.

  • Fingers crossed it's a carpenter related problem. But try to verify your steam files, it helps most of the time.

  • Let's make you a deal. We will just add a megaphone? For extra effect, you can use a real megaphone.

  • There will. We plan to add more animations, faces, tatoos down the line.

  • We will lower the spawn rate of them in the next patch pinky promise. You will be able to find all sorts of stuff in the market. But we will make sure to add a Christmas isle!

  • Current default loot settings are best optimised for fluent gameplay. Any increase puts more strain on servers and issues appear. But we are already working on ways to optimize that aspect.

  • Salt? Sant? Saut? Scot? Scut? Seat? Sect? Sekt? Sent? Sept? Sett? Shot? Shut? Sift? Silt? Sist? Skit? Slit? Slot? Smit? Snit? Snot? Soft? Soot? Sort? Sout? Spat? Spet? Spit? Spot? Stat? Stet? Stot? Suet? Suit? Swat? Swot? Sorry, I need more context.

  • Thanks man! Love you too.

  • Already on it. Keep an eye out for more info.

  • The 4th? What happened to the first 3? Animal handling skill will be added in the future.

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