Donations for December 2018

Our community has so far donated $160 out of a monthly goal of $400 for the month of December 2018.
This is very low with 9 Days of the month to go but not completely unexpected factoring in Christmas and the current community feeling for SQUAD in general.

I do thank everyone who has donated so far and for those who donate after this post.

The donations landing page has been recently updated to reflect the true cost of running our community services such as SQUAD servers, Discord bots, Website, other games and so on.
We need to maintain regular donations to cover the renewal cost of our Two(2) powerful dedicated server boxes as they are paid 12 months in advance and are due in April & May 2019.

We reward those who donate, those that do donate at least $10 will be granted a reserved slot to our SQUAD servers for 30 days.


Donation Information

BigD Gaming thanks its donators with reserved game slots on our SQUAD and future Post Scriptum servers who donate at least $10.

More information about Donations and how to donate can be found here: Monthly Community Fund |
More Information about SQUAD @ BigD: SQUAD |
More Information about SCUM @ BigD: SCUM |



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We have now smashed the monthly target, BIG THANKYOU to those who donated!

BigD Server Donations

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