SCUM FREE "Scale of Evil SCUMbag" Assessments

Warden MadHouse has demanded all new inmates undergo a thorough psychometric analysis to measure each candidates' suitability based on the required personality characteristics, aptitude and cognitive abilities … or in the case of you SCUM bags ... lack thereof!

As BigD Gaming resident consulting Criminal Psychiatrist I am now in a position to provide the mandatory “Scale of Evil SCUM” assessments for FREE.

Therefore it imperative SCUM candidates follow this non-negotiable procedure:

  1. Obtain a valid entry pass to the BigD SUPERMAX SCUM penitentiary (BUY the GAME from Steam SCUM bag)

  2. Bribe Warden Madhouse to jump the queue (don’t be a tightass, as well as dumbass, and make a small donation to keep our servers running)

  3. Undertake a FREE “Scale of Evil SCUM” assessment conducted in total confidentiality on the public discord via #scum-chat with Dr Haemorrhoid Hurts, BigD Gaming resident consulting Criminal Psychiatrist. It ain’t gunna be pretty but if you can’t handle a few home truths … let's face it you ain’t SCUM bag material!!

  4. Join the BigD Gaming community SUPERMAX SCUM penitentiary Server on day one - this Thursday 30/08/2018

  5. Pull on your “chastised military underpants armour lvl 4”, grab your soap, fashion a make-shift shank from your toothbrush and hit the showers (thanks Palmer)

  6. LASTLY take a gentle wander in the glow of nature's peace and quiet, observe the magnificence and tranquility of the regions unique flora and fauna ... meet lots of like minded individuals ... AND KILL THEM!
Lastly don't KILL your friendly neighborhood Criminal Psychiatrist. I'm the only one who pretends to give a toss about you after all ...


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