Squad Friday Community Playtest Night(7/9)

Friday Community Playtest Night(7/9)
Posted by Filthy Crab
BigD Modded Server
Friday, September 7, 2018 - 07:30 PM
Until: Friday, September 7, 2018 - 10:00 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: Asia/Vladivostok)
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Filthy Crab

Squad Admin
pb / Clan
Jan 30, 2016
Got a few special ones cooked up this week, deviating a bit from the familiar.

First off we go back to the long forgotten shores of Iwo Jiwa where the fights to gain control of the islands can be relived


An invasion layer with an amphibious assault by the US to gain control of the island while the milita must race from their main to meet the invaders on the sandy beach to set up a quick defence. A simple cap design with a few interesting map assets and terrain should see some exciting gameplay. There are supposed to be tunnels but they are unfortunately still bugged, but the rest of the map is playable and great!


As an entree we might see some action out of the newly release Zombie Mod which is of course essential to any modern FPS. It's pretty barebones atm with US vs INS, US have all rifleman kits, whilst insurgents are only given a knife and a pair of legs to rival Usain Bolt. One cache is defended by the insurgents which the US Army must seek to destroy(All US soldiers are given incendiary to prevent a stalemate.

So make sure to come by if you're keen 1930 AEST this Friday 7/9.

You will be required to have these mods downloaded and installed:
Hope to see you all there, remember it's an open playtest event so bring a drink and some mates!

Catch you all then.

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