Friday Night Fiasco

Friday Night Fiasco
Posted by NvSBeast
Bid D Custom server on Squad
Friday, February 15, 2019 - 07:30 PM
Until: Friday, February 15, 2019 - 10:00 PM
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Friday Night Fiasco
Finish work have a shower and crack out the Doritos because Big D events are coming back in 2019 starting on Friday the 14th of February! What better way to crack off the new year of squad events by celebrating the achievement of our modding community and froth over the reintroduction of Operation First Light through the SWC Mod. What’s new? What’s the Plan? What else should I know?
What’s new is the greatest squad map to date OPFL with the reintroduction of ticket bleed on flag capture, fixed forwards spawns for infantry, enhanced lighting, and new capture points created with balance and competitive play kept in mind.

The plan is we join our veterans and new entries into the Oceanic squad community in a semi competitive game of squad. The plan is to take this to a full 40v40 match of squad with at least 2 veteran squad leaders and 2 newer squad leaders. This will give our veterans the opportunity to show off their skill and compete with other veterans as well as allow our new friends to work on their competitive play and become the next generation of squad veterans. This will also give our oldies the opportunity to teach all of the skills they have attained over the years to our newer players if they wish to listen.

The other thing everyone needs to know whether old or new is this is an enormous opportunity to recruit for or join into a clan. As this is the old meeting the new it is both allowed and encouraged for clan members to represent their clans and recruit new and talented members during the event. As it is also expected to be largely populated by the oceanic clans its our chance to see REALLY who the best clan in OCE is.

Game assembly will begin at 6:30 AEST/ 7:30 AEDT with the game commencing at 7pm AEST/ 8pm AEDT on Friday the 15th of February. Please show up early and if you are a reserve show up on the day because its VERY likely you will still be playing. Also please continue to thumbs up once/ if this goes past 80 responses as if we get enough votes we can get two servers going at once and we can do a mini tournament. No game will go past an hour to ensure stalemates end and people with other commitments can attend to them. We will start with one round and depending on the outcome and interest we will do a second with quickly shuffled or unchanged teams depending on what those in the event desire. If numbers are low or a second server is possible after the third day of this post being up I will also consider the advertisement of this event to the entire SWC community. Please ensure before match you have downloaded this mod as otherwise you WILL not be able to play Steam Workshop :: SWCMod |

If you would like to play please thumbs up I WANT TO PLAY! in the Bid D discord and if you want to Squad lead or cast the event on twitch please thumbs up I WANT TO SQUAD LEAD! or I WANT TO CAST! You can thumbs up all three if you want. No matter what you pick EVERYONE who wants to play must thumbs up I want to pay and not just one of the others. Please know clicking I want to squad lead doesn’t mean you will be squad lead. It means your committed to squad leading on the day if the role is given to you. All squad leaders and team compositions will be decided by either myself or those helping with the event to ensure balanced game play. Veteran squad leaders will simply be determined by weather I know who you are and how good you are at it. New leaders will be everyone else.

Will Fortus flex with the skills of HBK or will ExtraD come out from the shadows and reveal Yeet is secretly a squad god? Find out by joining the madness Friday the 14th.
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