New Dedicated Server


BigD Gaming has been in consultation with our server hardware provider to help improve performance for our SQUAD game servers.

We have elected to start a new lease on a fresh new dedicated server box to test performance.

The specs of the new dedicated server box are the same has the old box and can be viewed here: Monthly Community Fund |

So far over the past 5 days since switching over, the Senior Admins have noticed improved performance.

We would like the community to keep us up to date if performance slips by posting either in the Squad Server Feedback sub-forum here: Squad - Server Information & Feedback | or in our #squad-server-chat text channel on our community discord: Discord |

This was only possible with the generous donations we receive from the community. Thank you
If you want to see the community keep powering, please consider donating towards the costs of the community here: Monthly Community Fund |


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