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[Oct 17, 2015] BigD Insurgency (BigD Server 2)

[email protected]@Sniper

Valr. Clan
Jan 29, 2011
SQUAD, Insurgency, ARMA
Info: War has come to BigD. The community is divided. Who will win? The game mode is Insurgency played on two maps Operation Archer and Lashkar Valley.

Reserved Slots:It is vital that you reply to this thread indicating that you wish to attend this event and what team you would like to be on.

- Saturday 17 of October 2015

- AEST 20:45
- QLD 19:45
- SA 20:15
- WA 17:45
- NZ 22:45

Operation Archer Standard (Canada VS Taliban) - Team 1 BLUFOR - Team 2 OPFOR

Lashkar Valley Standard (Germany VS Taliban) - Team 1 OPFOR - Team 2 BLUFOR


- TBA (It will be on a BigD Server.)

- Standard server rules apply.
- Fun is mandatory
- Rules against player spamming chat, banter etc will be relaxed
- Any racism, bad behaviour, or ill-spirited gameplay will result in your removal and a ban from the next event.
- No asking for ticket counts
- Join in on the BigD Teamspeak to organise your Squads/Teamwork (ts3.bigdgaming.net)

Please note that teams will be balanced before the game if needed so you may not get on the team you want.

We'd like to make it clear that the order of priority for a place in this match goes on the order of who has replied to this thread.
It has been decided that if a player who has signed up but does not join BigD Teamspeak at least 10 minutes before this match is set to begin, they will forfeit their reserved spot and the next player in the order that has signed up will take over that spot.

Reminder to join Teamspeak at least 20-30 minutes before the starting time.

List of those first 100 as follows

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