ARMA Operation Hanging Sword Part 2

Operation Hanging Sword Part 2
Posted by CyrusBlint
BigD ARMA Ops Server
Saturday, June 23, 2018 - 06:30 PM
Until: Saturday, June 23, 2018 - 09:30 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: Australia/Sydney)
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Upcoming dates
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Note on roles

If you are assigned to a role in a certain squad, go into that role only, it causes confusion otherwise.

Operational Brief

Welcome back gentlemen

Well done securing the enemy FOB last week, I know it wasn't easy but it was well done.

Now we have a good news, bad news situation.
Good news - we captured the enemy satellite and an enemy traitor (Nightmare Twig).
The bad news is we lost one of our own.
It's a truly sad day for us and he will be well remembered. We will be having a minute silence for him shortly.

Now onto the traitor. As you are all aware Nightmare Twig is a traitor, this has come to a shock to all of us including myself. I've spent the last week interrogating him but he hasn't given us much. He's admitted he killing the turncoats several weeks ago on the Kerama Island Spec Ops base and executing the the Dr Jekyll double (obviously not knowing he was a double at the time). He has also said that he only knows of two other traitors but he is not willing to give them up.

Given all this information I have no choice but to have him executed. Given that he was the cause of demise for our comrade ACE I've elected to allow his brother to decide his execution. This will be performed now along with the minute silence.

Now that all of that has been dealt with lets get to tonight's mission.

We have three convoys to hit.

Convoy 1 has a HVT which may be able to provide further information on Uprising provided we can bring him back here.
Convoy 2 has access codes to a set of Tigers (Helicopters) left behind by a previous forces.
Convoy 3 has access codes to several heavy armour vehicles left behind by previous forces.

Now it's likely we will only be able to hit one or two convoys before they reach their target locations, we can hit the locations to obtain the extra assets and HVT but they will be heavily fortified and much harder to take than the convoys so choose your targets wisely.

That's all from me for now.

Good Luck gents.

Operational Details

To anyone who hasn't already, make sure you've sent your OP form to CyrusBlint on Discord. This is required to play on the OPS server.

Op form link: OP Form |

This operation will be on #2|Aus|SORD|OPS

Op will start at 2030 (NZ) 1830 (NSW,VIC,QLD) 1800 (SA,NT) 1630 (WA)

Saturday - 23th of June

VSM Cyre G3 M81 Uniform - 7 Variants

VSM M81 Vest - 12 Variants

For SL and 2IC
IBLE AP MARPAT-WD (VHF Blade antenna) or (VHF/UHF antenna)

For everyone else
VSM M81 Backpack - 3 Variants

Class apropriate

Camo appropriate

Misfit - SR 30
Squad Leader - Sean
2IC -
Combat Medic - Spook
Combat Medic - Belal
Engineer - Bonestriker
Rifleman - Scandar
Rifleman - Veers

Ronin - SR 40
Squad Leader - TPM
2IC - Squatmufu
Combat Medic - Wonderland
Combat Medic - Jabba
Marksman - Jacknife
Rifleman - Floki
Rifleman - Kordite

Havoc - SR 50
Squad Leader -
2IC -
Combat Medic -
Combat Medic -
Rifleman AT - Nightmare (embedded with Misfit)
Rifleman -
Rifleman -

Archlight SR N/A
Zeus - CyrusBlint
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