ARMA Operation Hanging Sword Part 4

Operation Hanging Sword Part 4
Posted by CyrusBlint
BigD ARMA Ops Server
Saturday, July 7, 2018 - 06:30 PM
Until: Saturday, July 7, 2018 - 09:30 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: Australia/Sydney)
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Upcoming dates
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Note on roles

If you are assigned to a role in a certain squad, go into that role only, it causes confusion otherwise.

Operational Brief

Welcome back gentlemen

It's a sad week this week as we lost a lot of good men last week capturing Axel but their lives weren't lost for nothing.

I've spent this last week interrogating Axel and I've made some progress. There are 7 key members to Uprising. We have 1 so that leaves 6 out there. We also intercepted some communications that Uprising are pulling out of here and setting up in Panthera so that's where we are headed.

To get there we need to do a few things.

First we need to rescue some of our comrades that have been captured.
Second we need to make out way over to pick up some boats to travel across to an old castle on an island to the south east.
Third we need to deactivate the enemies AA network - once that is done 2 choppers will be flying in to get us out.

Whilst doing all this we need to keep Axel with us and safe. I currently have him locked up here at the base but with the enemy troop movements and with everyone heading out it will leave us too vulnerable to keep him here. I don't like the idea of taking him with us especially given the fact we haven't yet found the other traitors but we have no choice. We won't have time to come back and get him.

I've marked a rough route for us to take below, allowing for SL's to decide on the approach to take for the prisoners.

That's all for now gentlemen.

Get ready and good luck

Operational Details

To anyone who hasn't already, make sure you've sent your OP form to CyrusBlint on Discord. This is required to play on the OPS server.

Op form link: OP Form |

This operation will be on #2|Aus|SORD|OPS

Op will start at 2030 (NZ) 1830 (NSW,VIC,QLD) 1800 (SA,NT) 1630 (WA)

Saturday - 7th of July

VSM Cyre G3 M81 Uniform - 7 Variants

VSM M81 Vest - 12 Variants

For SL and 2IC
IBLE AP MARPAT-WD (VHF Blade antenna) or (VHF/UHF antenna)

For everyone else
VSM M81 Backpack - 3 Variants

Class appropriate

Camo appropriate

Misfit - SR 30
Squad Leader - SSV8TE (Matt)
2IC -
Combat Medic - Commisar
Combat Medic -
Engineer - Raccoon
Rifleman - Spook
Rifleman - Scander

Ronin - SR 40
Squad Leader - TPM
2IC - Wonderland
Combat Medic - Skies
Combat Medic - ACE
Marksman - Belal
Rifleman (AT) - Veers
Rifleman - Floki

Havoc - SR 50
Squad Leader - Nightmare
2IC -
Combat Medic - Squatmufu
Combat Medic -
Rifleman AT - Dave
Rifleman - Sexy Squrriel
Rifleman - Soul

Axel's Bodyguards
Callsign - Iron-Sides 70
Commander - Sean
Gunner - Bonestriker
Driver - Jack

Archlight SR N/A
Zeus - CyrusBlint

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