ARMA Operation Hanging Sword

Operation Hanging Sword
Posted by CyrusBlint
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Saturday, June 16, 2018 - 06:30 PM
Until: Saturday, June 16, 2018 - 09:30 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: Australia/Sydney)
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Note on roles

If you are assigned to a role in a certain squad, go into that role only, it causes confusion otherwise.

Operational Brief

Good evening gentlemen

I'm glad to see everyone has recovered from the attack last week. You are all very lucky indeed. However it seems the doctor didn't make it.

I'll get right to the point, we have a traitor in out midst. I know some have you have come to me with accusations about certain members but unfortunately the evidence is circumstantial at best. I need something concrete.

Whilst you were recovering, we raided your barrack's. Now before you all start shouting about privacy I would like to remind you that we have a traitor or traitors among us so. Unfortunately all we found was a scrap of paper which reads "xi lxaa qt sdct".
An investigation is underway to find this person or persons so if you see anything at all, don't hesitate to come to me. Do not take matters into your own hands. Believe me when I say the perpetrator or perpetrators of last weeks attack will be brought to justice.

Now onto tonight's mission. As you've probably noticed we're in a completely new area, we also don't have much of a camp and we're low on weapons. Due to the recent actions of these traitors we weren't able to secure much funding from the governing 7INT body so we are going to have to steal what we need. I have a plan for that.

First we are going to take civilian clothing and some boats to get to a section of the main islands. once on the main island you will head to your respective dead drop locations. We have one for each squad. At these locations you'll find a re-spawn vehicle, some weaponry and some civilian vehicles. We're going to use these assets and take an enemy base located west of those positions. En route we will need to take out the enemy checkpoint so we can cross the bridge.

After we secure the FOB we will need to secure the town the enemy have been using as a makeshift barracks to the west.

Additionally, we also have three optional objectives. The first will give us access to a satellite. The second will give us access to artillery support. The third is to rescue our comrade ACE who's brother Bravo is here with us tonight after ACE was captured by the enemy last week.
Unfortunately I don't believe we will have enough time to do everything so you will have some choices to make.
Be warned, all of these optional objectives will be HIGHLY defended, I can't stress enough how dangerous it will be to attempt to take these extra areas especially given how under-powered we will be but the support they could provide could prove to be invaluable not just today, but in the coming weeks, however, It's your call men.

Good luck gentlemen.

Operational Details

To anyone who hasn't already, make sure you've sent your OP form to CyrusBlint on Discord. This is required to play on the OPS server.

Op form link: OP Form |

This operation will be on #2|Aus|SORD|OPS

Op will start at 2030 (NZ) 1830 (NSW,VIC,QLD) 1800 (SA,NT) 1630 (WA)

Saturday - 16th of June

Starting - Civilian
After taking the FOB - VSM Cyre G3 M81 Uniform - 7 Variants

Starting - Civilian, (recommended leg holster)
After taking the FOB - VSM M81 Vest - 12 Variants

For SL and 2IC
IBLE AP MARPAT-WD (VHF Blade antenna) or (VHF/UHF antenna)

For everyone else
Starting - Civilian
After taking the FOB - VSM M81 Backpack - 3 Variants

Starting - Pistols
At dead drop - Class approtiate

Starting - Civilian
At dead drop - Whatever we can get
After taking FOB - Camo appropriate

Misfit - SR 30
Squad Leader - Sean
Combat Medic - Spook
Combat Medic -Belal
Engineer - Raccoon
Rifleman - Jacknife
Rifleman - Scander

Ronin - SR 40
Squad Leader - TPM
2IC - Jabba
Combat Medic - Skies
Combat Medic - Wayne-o
Marksman -Nightmare
Rifleman - Floki
Rifleman - Wonderland

Havoc - SR 50
Squad Leader -
2IC -
Combat Medic -
Combat Medic -
Breacher -
Rifleman - Kordite (moved into Ronin)
Rifleman - Soul

Archlight SR N/A
Zeus - CyrusBlint
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