ARMA Operation Purgatory


Welcome Gentleman.

I've spent some time pouring over all the intel we've been able to gather from our newly acquired FOB curtesy of enemy last week and I've found something.
It's not much but I've seen several mentions referring to a person or persons know only as "Citadel". Along with this I've found more information as to why they are after the Doc.
It seems the experiments he was performing in the 90's was military weapon testing. Hopefully now that we have an actual lead we can talk to the Doc and find out what all this is about.

Regardless of that, we have a problem. After the enemy failed in their ambush last week they have decided to take several civilian groups hostage throughout the area. I've also found mention of one of their FOB's in the area.

Your primary objective is to secure the enemy base.
Secondary objectives are to free the civilian groups held hostage.

Oh and we've had a pilot contact us about an air asset the enemy have taken from him, it's a TO-201 Shikra stealth but the idiots didn't get the codes to unlock it. He said he would be willing to give them to us if we will bring him back safely. It's your call.

Good luck gentlemen.

Operation Details

To anyone who hasn't already, make sure you've sent your OP form to CyrusBlint on Discord

Operation Purgatory

This operation will be on #2|Aus|SORD|OPS

Op will start at 2030 (NZ) 1830 (NSW,VIC,QLD) 1800 (SA,NT) 1630 (WA)

Saturday - 2nd of June

Recon Fatigues (MTP), Rolled Shirt [BAF]

Osprey Mk4 MTP (A-I) [BAF]

For SL and 2IC

For everyone else

BAF Weapon - appropriate for class

BAF Helmet - appropriate camo

Misfit - SR 30
Squad Leader - Sean
2IC -
Combat Medic - Belal
Combat Medic - Donuts
Engineer - Jacknife
Rifleman - NightmareTwig
Rifleman - Saq Mad

Ronin - SR 40
Squad Leader - TPM
2IC -
Combat Medic - ^U^ Ace
Combat Medic - ^U^ Skies
Marksman - Bonestriker
Rifleman -Wonderland
Rifleman -Spook

Havoc - SR 50
Squad Leader -
2IC -
Combat Medic -
Combat Medic -
Breacher - Pauly1230 (merged with Misfit)
Rifleman - RDAH (merged with Misfit)
Rifleman - Adhock (merged with Ronin)

Archlight SR N/A
Zues - CyrusBlint
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Operation Purgatory
Posted by CyrusBlint
BigD ARMA Ops Server
Saturday, June 2, 2018 - 06:30 PM
Until: Saturday, June 2, 2018 - 09:30 PM
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