ARMA Operation Uprising

Operation Uprising
Posted by CyrusBlint
BigD ARMA Ops Server
Saturday, August 18, 2018 - 06:30 PM
Until: Saturday, August 18, 2018 - 10:30 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: Australia/Sydney)
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Upcoming dates
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This event has expired and has no upcoming dates
Note about the Op's

If you are assigned to a role in a certain squad, go into that role only, it causes confusion otherwise.
The only mine detector available for use is the one that replaces your secondary weapon. If you are caught using the backpack mine detector you will be reprimanded accordingly.
Do not take assets out of the arsenal such as deploy able machine guns, mortars etc. unless told to by Archlight. You will be reprimanded accordingly if doing so.
If you have cleared an area and need to finish reviving people, you can do it in transit to the next location to speed up the down time between locations.
Be sure to use weapons appropriate to your class. If you are unsure what to use refer to your Squad Lead or Archlight. Archlight and Squad Leaders have final say on weaponry.

Operational Details

Welcome back for what will be the last time.

It's finally here. We are going to take down Uprising.

There are two objectives to complete before we can assault the final compound and execute the members of Uprising.

The first is to create a distraction. To that end we are doing to blow up their vehicle depot and engineer yard at FOB Boriana. We don't have an exact location on the engineer yard in FOB Boriana but we believe its on the south side of the base.

Then we need to knock out there communications and AA network for the north eastern island located in and around airport Leasce.

Finally we will be transporting via boat to the southern point of the north eastern island near the power station.

Once we arrive we will make our way north into the main area of the island. Locate the compound containing the members of Uprising and execute all of them, blow up the base and get the hell out of there.

There's not much more to say gentlemen. This is going to be our only chance to stop Uprising so prepare for war. They won't go down without one hell of a fight.

Good luck gentlemen

Operational Details
To anyone who hasn't already, make sure you've sent your OP form to CyrusBlint on Discord. This is required to play on the OPS server.

Op form link: OP Form |

This operation will be on #2|Aus|SORD|OPS

Op will start at 2030 (NZ) 1830 (NSW,VIC,QLD) 1800 (SA,NT) 1630 (WA)

Saturday - 18th of August

Recon Fatigues (Crystal Snow, Wolf), (EF Snow), (EF Snow, Wolf), (Splinter Snow) or (Splinter / Crystal Snow, Wolf) Variants

Carrier Lite (Snow, EF, Wolf)
Carrier Rig (Snow, EF, Wolf)
Tactical Vest (Ef, Snow)
Carrier GL Rig (Snow, EF, Wolf)
Carrier Special Rig (Snow, EF, Wolf)

For SL and 2IC
ILBE AP Green RT-1523G (ASIP)
ILBE AP Green VHF Blade Antenna
ILBE AP Green VHF/ UHF Blade Antenna

For everyone else
WY Snow Assault Pack
WY Snow Carryall
Assault Pack (EF Snow)
Carryall (White)
Kitbag (Snow, EF)
Kitbag (Splinter Snow)

Class appropriate

Camo appropriate

For additional information about what items to take check out: SORD 7INT ROLES |


Misfit SR 30
Squad Leader - SSV8TE
JTAC / 2IC -
Combat Medic - Veers
Combat Medic - Floki (running late)
Engineer - Kordite
Assault (AT) - Belal
Assault - Deadwonderland
Assault -

Ronin SR 40
Squad Leader -
JTAC / 2IC -
Combat Medic -
Combat Medic -
Breacher, Explosive Specialist - Bonestriker (moved into havoc)
Assault (AT) -
Assault - Jazza (merged into misfit)
Assault - Gr1dL0ck (merged into misfit)

Havoc SR 50
Squad Leader - Nightmare
JTAC / 2IC -
Combat Medic - Demobiz
Combat Medic - Soul
Satellite Control Specialist -
Assault (AT) - MrMT
Assault - Snapper
Assault -

Arclight SR N/A
Zeus - CyrusBlint

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