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Hey everyone!

We’re currently hard at work on all the content coming in Update 2. However, there are some core issues that we want to finalise and fix before we start pushing out more new features. We’re attempting to balance fixes to critical issues in Patches while still being able to focus on a huge game-changing bulk of work that’ll come in the next Update.


Applied several changes to the Vivox code and then changed the way channel switching and channel muting is handled. This should fix many cases of the proximity and leadership VOIP breaking.

YOUR HELP: VOIP bugs have been difficult to reproduce and fix as they often occur on high population servers and can be difficult to intentionally trigger. If - after this patch - you are still experiencing any issues with VOIP, we would greatly appreciate it if you would report the issue in our special VOIP feedback Discord channel: https://discord.gg/beJj8Rv

This will allow us to follow up with you to get exact specifics and discover if your issue is bug related or hardware related.

We understand that VOIP is a critical part of the Hell Let Loose experience and we will be working until all issues are eradicated.


Reworked the server search code. The outcome of this is a more methodical but accurate server listing. You should now be able to see all current servers as opposed to having several missing (often your own regional servers) or having different outcomes every time you refresh.

PLEASE NOTE: Many reports of issues with the server browser have resulted from user-side settings. We recommend making sure that your firewall is not blocking the application and your ISP is allowing port forwarding. If you still cannot see servers, please drop us a line in the feedback channel on our Discord and we’ll follow up with you.

  • A scream sound effect no longer plays when a player dies due to drowning.
  • New US AT 57mm cannon fire sound

  • On the map key, Unit and Team Member icons appear stretched vertically
  • Fixed compass bearing showing 0° and 360°.
  • The top German HQ spawn overlaps into the out-of-bounds area on the Utah map.

Visual Improvements
  • German LMG tracer rounds are of a higher light intensity than its muzzle flash.
  • Fixed waves being visible inside the beach puddles on Utah.
  • Fixed windows overlapping walls in numerous maps.
  • Fixed tanks being able to drive up specific small hedges.
  • Fixed bullet collision on multiple tree assets.
  • Fixed tanks from floating above bomb craters.
  • Fixed German Munitions node producing feathers FX when the sheet metal is shot.

Currently working on (non-exhaustive list, we just want to give you some idea)
  • Additional RCON commands.
  • Making vaulting more responsive, fluid and polished.
  • Continuing HUD and UI updates.
  • Making MG deployment more responsive, fluid and polished.
  • Implementing mocap and making large changes to our TPP animation systems. These will result in a much more natural look and feel.
  • Our FPP experience - with a focus on gunplay - is being overhauled in a separate branch. This is to both match our new TPP look, but also to greatly increase the fluidity of the FPP experience.
  • Unit management functions (kick/invite and lock).
  • Vehicle locking system.
  • Anti-griefing mechanics.
  • Progression system: We will be unveiling how this will work before release.
  • This ties to a cosmetic system.
  • Optimisations.
  • Diving (performed by proning while sprinting). This is wrapped up with our FPP overhaul currently.
  • Bullet penetration.
  • Map balancing (addition of cover and other features in locations that are either boring or creating a tedious gameplay experience).
  • Vehicles.
  • New gamemode.
  • Three new maps are currently at different stages of development.
  • Updating all audio and SFX. Specifically, vehicle engines, tracks and other aspects are being overhauled at the moment. We’ve also been testing reflections and different reverb volumes alongside all new weapon fire and reload sounds.
We’re currently finalising the contents of Update 2 and will shortly release a revised roadmap.

If you’re enjoying Hell Let Loose, you can help us by leaving us a review on Steam.

See you on the frontline!

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