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Hey everyone!

We’re currently hard at work on all the content for Update 2. However, there are some core issues that we want to address first before we start pushing out planned new features.

This means attempting to balance fixes to critical issues in patches while still being able to focus on a huge game-changing bulk of work that’ll come in the next update - so we appreciate your patience and understanding with this.

Patch #6 Notes

  • Applied several final changes to Vivox protocol that fix some servers never having VOIP.
  • Applied fix for Vivox breaking after the map changes.
  • White gates are now passable by all vehicles.
  • New US victory song has been applied and credited.
Visual Improvements
  • Fixed the pixelation of the Luchs gunner’s optic.

Finished for Update 2
  • Tiger Tank
  • Full sound overhaul for all vehicles (including systems established for all coming vehicles).
  • Unit kicking.
  • Unit locking.
  • Two-way Unit inviting system.
  • A large suite of RCON commands for community server hosts.
  • A forgive and punish system for teamkilling that also punishes concerted griefing.
  • Rework of Armor units - doubled number of Armor units and reduced their size to 3 men.
  • Vehicle locking system - you cannot enter a crewman position in a vehicle if it is already occupied by another Unit. We will be working with the community to refine this per feedback.
  • Vaulting and mantling is now more responsive, fluid and polished.
  • New rig stance changes and general systems upgrade for the FPP experience.
  • First pass of cosmetic system. We will then be fleshing this out and tying it into the progression system which will be released shortly after.

Currently working on (non-exhaustive list, we just want to give you some idea)
  • Continuing HUD and UI updates.
  • Making MG deployment more responsive, fluid and polished.
  • Implementing mocap and making large changes to our TPP animation systems. These will result in a much more natural look and feel.
  • Our FPP experience - with a focus on gunplay - is being overhauled in a separate branch. This is to both match our new TPP look, but also to greatly increase the fluidity of the FPP experience.
  • Progression system: We will be unveiling how this will work before release. This ties to a cosmetic system.
  • Continued optimisations.
  • Diving (performed by proning while sprinting). This is wrapped up with our FPP overhaul currently.
  • Bullet penetration.
  • Map balancing (addition of cover and other features in locations that are either boring or creating a tedious gameplay experience).
  • Vehicles.
  • New gamemode.
  • Three new maps are currently at different stages of development.
  • Updating all audio and SFX. We’ve been testing reflections and different reverb volumes alongside all new weapon fire and reload sounds.

We’ll be releasing a revised roadmap shortly, so watch this space!

Oh and you didn't think we'd leave you wondering what the vehicle SFX overhaul sounds like did you?

We'll let the Tiger do the talking here...
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnmVifN90k0&feature=youtu.be

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See you on the frontline!

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