Please unban me

Feb 20, 2018
Hey guys.

Always loved playing on this server for many years. Just recently I realized that I've been banned from joining your server.

If I think back a few weeks, there was an incident when I was squad leading a group of guys who were building a fob on some map, can't remember which. The server was about half full and I remember some fighting amongst various squad leaders.

One SL asked me a question but I couldn't catch it over all the yelling. I think I answered with what I was doing, which was building. He said quite rudely to get the **** over there and I relied that I couldn't right now due to the distance and I had every intention of joining the fight, since by that time a lot of members had quit the server.

Anyway, I thought the server crashed but I guess I was kicked and banned....

Was this unfair? I know it's only my word but I'm sure some of you have played with me before and know I'm a solid gamer and team player.

I ask that you let me back in.

My game name is Chickenpusher.

I'm sorry of ive offended anyone unintentionally.



Jan 30, 2016
Sounds pretty standard of the majority of poor quality admins on the bigd servers


Community Admin
LaG Clan
Feb 6, 2017
I imagine this issue has been resolved as it was from Feb? If there was anything else you needed though, just let me know.

Although your comment has absolutely no value to the initial post (from Feb). I feel as though this could rather have been a chance to raise your issue's, than post nothing worth while. We always try to maintain a large admin community on our servers to assist every player in all manner of issues. Due to the heavy need of team cooperation Squad requires, the admin presence is necessary and ensures everyone who plays, gets to have an enjoyable experience. Sometimes an admin may see a situation as being disruptive or not conducive of team game play and take action based off of the BigD rule set: SQUAD: Server Rules |
If you honestly feel as though there are a “majority of poor quality admins”, then I welcome you to raise your concerns or issues with us. Perhaps working together we can achieve more than we can responding to empty comments that contain no helpful facts or details?

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