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0.5.3 brings a lot of the bugfixes we are trying to prioritize, with crashing issues being number one. We've made some progress, but we need your help to detemine if those fixes really helped. We're going to host a get together this Saturday at 9PM CET for an hour on the PTE- focused on finding more problems and crashes for us to fix next week.

We've also added the French localization and made more changes to the TTK, so make sure you check it out and let us know how you like it before we push it to live.

PTE 0.5.3 Patch Notes

  • French localization,
  • TTK Tweaks vol 2,
  • Added version checking,
  • Scalable Warzone HUD,
  • Fixed destroy pack crash/desync,
  • Fixed another destroy packs crash,
  • Fixed crash on player spawn,
  • Fixed 3 another random crashes,
  • Possible crash fix related to skins,
  • Possible grenade OnContact crash fix,
  • Possible crash fix for OnItemDrop,
  • Penetration fixes,
  • Heli drone shooting in front,
  • Ammo in mag bugfix,
  • Chat fadeout after entering empty message,
  • Fix for guided projectiles,
  • Healthbar fix,
  • Ammo display in heli combat drone,
  • Fixed destroy packs not being damaged by explosions,
  • Fixed floating dead soldier markers,
  • Fixed vehicle not synchronized,
  • Fixed a bug that causes mouse to disappear after looking on scoreboard,
  • Weapon country code fixes,
  • Fixed small letters on post loading screen status,
  • Fixed grenade display in combat drone,
  • Some suppressor sound fixes,
  • Customization compatibility fixes,
  • Added descriptions for Heli weapons,
  • Heli stats for guns and ammo setup,
  • Heli menu display.

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